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Meal voucher wallet on the Edenred Card

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Ticket Restaurant

Meal voucher wallet on the Edenred Card

Ticket Restaurant

Meal voucher wallet on the Edenred Card

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Treat your employees to quality food every working day. The reward will be better health and greater productivity.

The Edenred Card with the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher wallet is the smartest benefit card that you can use for mobile phone payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can also activate the Edenred Benefits leisure wallet for your employees at any time in the future and reward them with new benefits. During the payment, the card recognises where you are paying and charges the correct wallet.

95% of employees are satisfied with digital meal vouchers.

Pay contactless and via a mobile phone

Edenred Card with the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher wallet is the only benefits card you can use to pay contactless, using a mobile phone via Google Pay and Apple Pay and online in e-shops.


Mobile payments

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Show that you care about them

Regular eating is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Employees who receive meal vouchers go to lunch more often and can also eat healthier thanks to meal vouchers.

Save on taxes

With the card, you save 33.8% of social security, health insurance and income tax payments. Compared with a salary contribution, your employees' net income will increase by 26 %.

Easy online top-up

Card top-up is easy and intuitive. Everything can be arranged online and employees can use the funds on their cards within two days of the top-up.

It's safer

You will not lose your benefits if your card gets lost or stolen. We simply block it and send you a new one.

Calculate how much tax you can save with the Edenred Card

Daily meal contribution


Share of the employer’s contribution

Increase the meal contribution and
save on mandatory state contributions.

Number of employees


Compared to salary contribution, you save

308,507 CZK

Compared to meal flat rate, you save

43,248 CZK

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Information for accountants

Example of charging a meal allowance: Purchase of 100 meal vouchers with a nominal value of CZK 194

  1. Invoice from the supplier - nominal value CZK 19,400: 213/321
  2. Commission for provided meal vouchers: 518,548 / 321
  3. VAT on commission: 343/321
  4. 55% tax deductible expense: 527/213
  5. 45% non-tax expense (in case the employer pays everything): 528/213
  6. 45% of receivables from employees (in case the employer pays only 55% of the value of the meal voucher): 335/213
  7. Deduction from wages of employees: 331/335
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Information for lawyers

According to the Income Tax Act § 6 par. 9, it applies that (ie exemption on the part of the employee): In addition to the income specified in § 4, the following are exempt from tax b) the value of meals provided as non-monetary benefits by the employer to employees for consumption at the workplace or as part of company catering provided through other entities,

(1) Expenditures (costs) incurred to achieve, secure and maintain taxable income shall be deducted to determine the tax base in the amount proved by the taxpayer and in the amount specified by this Act and special regulations.5) Expenditures on achieving, securing and maintaining income may not be claimed , which have already been applied in previous tax periods in expenses for achieving, securing and maintaining income. If the taxpayer accounts for certain accounting transactions in accordance with a special legal regulation20), costs whose eligibility is limited by the amount of income related to them shall be assessed, similarly as costs and revenues would be charged separately.

(2) Expenditures (costs) according to paragraph 1 are also 4. operation of own catering facility, except for the value of food, or meal allowances provided through other entities and provided up to 55% of the price of one meal per shift110), but not more than 70% of the meal allowance for employees in § 6 par. 7 letter a) for a business trip of 5 to 12 hours. The meal allowance may be claimed as an expense (cost) if the employee's presence at work during this specified shift lasts for at least 3 hours. The meal allowance may be claimed as an expense (expense) for another meal per employee if the length of his shift in total with a mandatory break in work, which the employer is obliged to provide to the employee according to a special legal regulation110a), will be longer than 11 hours. The allowance may not be applied to meals for an employee who became entitled to a meal allowance during the shift pursuant to a special legal regulation23b). Meals provided in one's own catering establishment are also considered to be catering provided in one's own catering establishment through other entities,

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Where can you pay with the Edenred Card?

You can pay from the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher in 28,500 establishments throughout the Czech Republic. And this also applies to the online delivery of food directly to your home. Establishments accepting a Ticket Restaurant Card and an Edenred Card with a Ticket Restaurant meal voucher have a Ticket Restaurant sticker on the door. You can find a list of them below.

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