Electronic meal voucher card

Czech Republic

Ticket Restaurant Card

Electronic meal voucher card

Ticket Restaurant Card

Electronic meal voucher card



Say goodbye to handing out envelopes as the Ticket Restaurant ® Card will save your company both time and money.


The Ticket Restaurant® Card is an electronic meal voucher card that works the same as a contactless payment cards. Instead of cash, only the value of the charged vouchers is deducted.

It is easy to use and represents more money for your company.

With the Ticket Restaurant® Card you save on costs. Calculate how convenient it is for you.

Choose your daily meal allowance

Maximum value 130

Working days in a month

Maximum value 31

Gross wage of your employees

Maximum value 200,000

Number of employees

Maximum value 2,000

In the case of 20 employees with a gross wage of 20,000 CZK

your company will annually save:

115,680 CZK

Each employee will annually save:

5,304 CZK

What else will you get?

Convenience and clarity

Ordering and charging on meal voucher cards. Everything is done online.

Satisfied employees

Meal vouchers are a practice-proven and employee sought-after benefit.

Convenience and clarity

No more envelopes in a safe. In addition, when lost, the card can be blocked. Your people will not lose their meal vouchers.

Mobile payments

Lunch paid within seconds. What more can your employees want?

The Ticket Restaurant® Card serves Renault and Tipsport well. Join them.

To streamline the work of our colleague, who has been taking care of “paper vouchers” thus far, we have decided for the Ticket Restaurant Card. We have approximately 120 employees, so the time saving is significant for all. The employees do not have to count the vouchers and pay the rest with cash. All they have to do now is to take the card, with which they can pay at many places the exact amounts they need, and they are not limited by the value of the voucher. The current balance on the card can easily be displayed with the free mobile phone app. In short, all we see are positives and we can highly recommend the card to the existing and future clients of EDENRED.

Richard Vortel
Provozní ředitel, Triangl, a.s

Working with Edenred has allowed us to optimize the investments in employee benefits. In addition, by implementing the electronic meal voucher, we made yet another step on our environmentally-friendly path 😊.

Lenka Miess
HR Director, DPD CZ, Direct Parcel Distribution CZ s.r.o.

How and where can I pay with the card?

Establishments that accept our paper vouchers have the Ticket Restaurant sticker on their doors. Their list can be found below.

You could not find your favorite outlet? Recommend it to us.
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FOOD Program

We want to use your vouchers not only for delicious meals but also for a nutritionally balanced diet. This is why we support restaurants in the FOOD Program. In their menus, you will find at least one healthy meal.