The future of payments in restaurants

Czech Republic

Qerko + Edenred

The future of payments in restaurants

Qerko + Edenred

The future of payments in restaurants

Contactless payments


Contactless payments without the need to call a waiter.

With the Qerko app, you will not waste time collecting payments and counting bills.

An even more pleasant dining experience

“Edenred decided to work with Qerko to make the dining experience as pleasant as possible for more than 200,000 of its active users.

How it all works

The customer scans the QR code on their table using the Qerko app.

The customer can immediately view all orders for their table and can pay the full amount or a part of it.

The restaurant personnel can immediately see the payment notification in the cash management system and the customer receives a digital bill by e-mail.

How do you start out with Qerko?

Thanks to integration with the most frequently used cash management systems, deploying Qerko is easy.

Current statistics



15 000




Turn your customers into regulars with a loyalty programme

Incentive for customers

An automated loyalty programme will motivate your customers to come back more often.

Cost savings

A loyalty programme without the costs of plastic cards that do not build a relationship.

User notifications

The app cleverly suggests that the user comes back to you.

Examples of loyalty programmes

Reward your customer for every tenth visit with a discount or a dessert voucher

The customer gets every tenth beer for free (you set the time limit within which the customers should drink the 10 beers)

The customer gets a 10% discount if they come at least 10 times in the last 30 days.

Takeaway by Qerko

Save time when ordering takeaway meals. With Qerko, customers can order and pay their meals directly in the app, and then just pick them up. You do not pay any extra amount – the Takeaway feature is free from the extra commission per order.

Cashless with Qerko is a truly contactless payment

No extra commission per order

Takeaway meals without queues

Wide range of options for taking orders (tablets, phone calls, e-mail)

The food is paid for in advance. In addition, you minimise contact with customers for greater safety of your employees.

Payments via Qerko can be made using the Ticket Restaurant Cards and/or Edenred Cards

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