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Cooperation | Restaurants and food stores | Edenred

Czech Republic

We will help you to earn more

We will spread the word about you to 550,000 employees, who will visit you more often, spend more and, together with us, bring you new customers.

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We are your partner in business

Enable your customers to pay for food with Edenred vouchers

Offer your customers new payment options. You can accept Edenred dining cards and Ticket Restaurant paper vouchers. Join more than 44,000 satisfied partner outlets.


Mobile payments

Application to download


We will automatically include you in our partner outlet search engine. We will present you to our users and enable you to address them through our communication channels.

New customers

Transform employees who have Edenred vouchers and cards into customers. We will connect you with firms in your area.

Higher spending and more frequent visits

People see our products as a bonus. They will spend more readily and more rapidly. They will keep coming back to places where they know they can use these payment methods.


We are your partner in business. Through our special programmes we provide targeted support in the lockdown period and beyond.

Reach 200,000 customers free of charge through the Edenred mobile app

Post your offer in the application. We will boost it with up to CZK 10 in cashback, so customers will have an extra reason to visit your place.

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Our communication channels can really deliver them.

200 000+

Users of the app

2 500 000

Monthly viewings in the app

350 000+

Monthly viewings on the internet

We support restaurants in a time of crisis


We launch the search engine for take away windows.


We support the Zachraň hospodu campaign and help to protect the health of restaurant staff with 3,000 free face masks.


We encourage people to go back to restaurants and give away 30,000 lunches free of charge as part of the Hurá do restaurace competition.


We motivate people to visit restaurants more often through offers in the app and a reward for every meal.


We launch a new application with offers.

Starting to work together

The contract is signed and we open your payment gate/terminal for Edenred payment cards using MID.


Inclusion in the search engines

The restaurant or shop is added to the map of outlets or the list of internet shops on our website and in our mobile application.



The possibility of repeated appearances in newsletters, the mobile application, our website and social networks and in the "cafeteria" benefits system.


Payments using Edenred vouchers and cards

You accept Edenred products from customers paying for goods and services. You can use your existing POS terminal for card payments.



We deduct an agreed commission from the value of the vouchers and the card transactions - our remuneration for raising your profile, bringing in new customers and boosting your revenues.


How do we raise your profile?

Outlet search engine

We automatically include you as one of our partners in the search engine and on the map or list of internet shops on the Edenred website and mobile application.

Online communications

Offers and push notifications in the Edenred mobile application, newsletters, social networks and articles and banners with offers on our website. All for free.

Offline communications

Printed leaflets inserted next to paper vouchers. The possibility of addressing up to 350,000 people daily. You pay only for the production and insertion of the leaflets (CZK 0.22 each).

Specific uses of the product
Paper meal vouchers
Contactless payment

Payment method

Paper vouchers of different nominal values

Contactless payment via a standard POS terminal

How long it takes at the till

High (converting the vouchers)

Minimal (like a normal credit card)

How long it takes to redeem a payment

High (converting into summaries, sending by post)

None (all automatic)

Speed of reimbursement

Within 9 working days by bank transfer

Within 48 hours on your bank account

Visibility on the website


Visibility in the Edenred mobile app


Possibility to publish your own offers in the Edenred application


Possibility of paid promotions using printed leaflets


The widest partner network

You could not find your favorite outlet? Recommend it to us.

We are supported by leading food bloggers

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Are you on board?

Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.

  1. Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.
  2. We agree on the terms and conditions and sign a contract.
  3. We include you among the partners in our search engine.
  4. We increase your visibility through our communication channels.
  5. We pay you for the transactions performed and vouchers sent in.