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Meal voucher wallet on the Edenred Card

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Ticket Restaurant Card

Meal voucher wallet on the Edenred Card

Ticket Restaurant Card

Meal voucher wallet on the Edenred Card

Card solution


All Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers on a single card.
Convenient meal payments, down to the last crown. Contactless payments via cards or mobile phones.

New! Now you can have your meal vouchers and leisure benefits on the Edenred Card - the smartest card that combines the advantages of the separate Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits Cards and brings even greater convenience in using employee benefits.

Pay contactless and via a mobile phone

Edenred Card with the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher wallet is the only benefits card you can use to pay contactless, using a mobile phone via Google Pay and Apple Pay and online in e-shops.


Mobile payments

Application to download

It will help you eat better

Thanks to a contribution from the employer, you can treat yourself to better, better and healthier food every day.

It is more advantageous

Compared to the salary contribution, you get 26% more because you do not pay income tax and social and health insurance on meal vouchers.

Saves space in your wallet

All meal vouchers on one card, which you don't even have to wear. Just have a smartphone or watch with you.

It's safer

You will not lose your benefits if your card gets lost or stolen. We simply block it and send you a new one.

Calculate how much your net salary will increase thanks to the Edenred Card

The meal allowance is always a net salary for employees. The employee does not pay tax, social or health insurance from the contribution.

Daily meal contribution


Share of the employer’s contribution

Increase the meal contribution and
save on mandatory state contributions.

Number of employees


Compared to salary contribution, you save

308,507 CZK

Compared to meal flat rate, you save

43,248 CZK

Where can you pay using the Edenred Card?

A good overview of how much you spend and how much you have left

Thanks to the Edenred mobile application, you no longer have to recalculate the remaining meal vouchers in your wallet.

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Pay with Google Pay

Edenred is not the only app that can help you with paying as you can also use Google Pay. Give it a try.

Edenred mobile app and Apple Pay

Pay for lunch in an easy, fast and secure way using Apple devices.

Digital solutions by Edenred save time and money

Contactless payments

with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Mobile applications

List of affiliated establishments and your card balance

Qerko app

Payments in restaurants without waiting