Migration | Edenred

Migration | Edenred

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Edenred Card

Cards are changing, great service remains


The Edenred Card is gradually replacing the separate Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits cards

All existing clients who order and recharge their Ticket Restaurant and/or Edenred Benefits cards can look forward to the Edenred Card sooner or later.

All existing Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits cards are valid until the expiration date. They will then be automatically exchanged for a new Edenred Card.

How to switch to Edenred Card

Information email

We will inform you by e-mail that you can start ordering the Edenred Card for your employees.

Ordering and recharging cards

Ordering and recharging cards does not change after the transition to the Edenred Card. It is the same as for Ticket Restaurant or Edenred Benefits cards. If you order and top up your cards via the Edenred online portal, you will now have "only" the Edenred Card available in the card menu.

Gradual replacement of all cards

We will issue the Edenred Card both to your new employees and gradually to all others whose Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits cards are about to expire or have been lost.

You can continue the services
you are used to with the Edenred Card

Use an online account on the Edenred portal to find out your PIN or block your card

Pay from a meal voucher for more than 26,500 restaurants and groceries and leisure benefit wallets in more than 6,200 establishments

Use the TicketCard by Edenred mobile application to find out the balance, check transactions and search for our partner facilities around

Pay by mobile via Google Pay and Apple Pay