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Meal voucher portal

from Cafeteria Benefity Café

Meal voucher portal

from Cafeteria Benefity Café

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Electronic or paper meal vouchers?

Let your employees choose themselves how they want to pay for their lunch.

Total amount of remuneration per employee:


Number of employees:


As of 01/01/2024, the legislation modifies the use of freetime benefits, whereby an employee can now use benefits tax-free up to half of the average wage. For 2024, this amount is CZK 21,983.

In the amount of one employee's remuneration 21,983 CZK and count of employees 10

Cost savings for all employees:

28,138 CZK

Increase in employee net income:

5,850 CZK

How much will meal allowance save your company?

Calculate it.

Paper vouchers and electronic meal voucher card.

The meal voucher portal will allow all your employees to choose a method of payment for their lunch.

Electronic meal voucher card

The Ticket Restaurant® Card is an electronic meal voucher card that works the same as a contactless payment cards. Instead of cash, only the value of the charged vouchers is deducted.

Paper vouchers

The joy from the Ticket Restaurant® paper voucher is two-fold: It will allow you to save on taxes, and your employees will enjoy quality food.

Design customization

Thanks to a design with the colors, visuals and the logo of your company your employees will know that it is you who provides them all the benefits.

PC, tablet or phone?

It does not matter. Café Benefits are fully responsive and will adapts to various devices.

The meal voucher portal can be upgraded to a full version of the Café Benefits Cafeteria.

You can manage meal vouchers as well as other benefits online. How? Just upgrade to the full version of the Café Benefits Cafeteria.

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