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from Cafeteria Benefity Café

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Meal voucher portal

from Cafeteria Benefity Café

Meal voucher portal

from Cafeteria Benefity Café

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In the online Meal Voucher Portal,

your employees will be able to simply choose how they want to pay for lunch.

The online Meal Voucher Portal allows you to choose how you want to pay for your lunch.

Electronic meal voucher card

Say goodbye to overpaying for lunch! The Ticket Restaurant® Card is an electronic meal voucher card from which the exact amount is always deducted. And it will also fit into your wallet.

Paper vouchers

The Ticket Restaurant® paper vouchers need no introduction. They are those classic slips of paper that allow you to have great lunch and pay in the supermarket as well.

PC, tablet or phone?

It does not matter. Benefity Café are fully responsive and will adapts to various devices.

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