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Edenred Compliments

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Give gift vouchers to your business partners or clients.

Edenred Compliments is the ideal gift that motivates and increase loyalty.


Edenred Compliments is a universal gift voucher with which you can please your business partners, clients or your employees. You, on the other hand, will be pleased by its tax advantages.

How much does this practical gift save when given to your employees?

Calculate it.

Total amount of remuneration per employee:


Number of employees:


In the amount of one employee's remuneration 2,000 CZK and count of employees 10

Cost savings for all employees:

2,960 CZK

Increase in employee net income:

532 CZK

Not only saved money.

There are many more benefits.

Inappropriate gifts? No more.

With the Edenred Gift Voucher, the recipients choose themselves what will please them.

For a hundred or ten thousand

It does not matter how much you want to spend on the voucher. We will provide you with it in any nominal value.

Personalized and beautifully wrapped

We will gladly deliver the voucher to you with the name of the recipient.

Instant availability

You don’t like looking for gifts in shops? You don’t have to. Edenred Compliments will be delivered to your doorstep.

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