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Edenred Compliments

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A gift that will please. Every time.

With Edenred Compliments you choose what will truly please you.

No more wine bottles and never-unwrapped chocolates. Edenred Compliments vouchers are truly universal gifts that allow you a complete freedom of choice.

This gift is also...

Truly multifunctional

Books, clothes, new shoes, sports equipment, home accessories, concerts tickets, or vacation. That is just a short list of what you can buy with Edenred Compliments.

Redeemable throughout the Czech Republic

Are you from a small town? Do not worry. Partners, which allow you to redeem the gift voucher, are located all around the Czech Republic.

Where do they accept Edenred gift vouchers?

Establishments that accept Edenred gift vouchers are marked with an Edenred Compliments sticker.

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