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Dry cleaning vouchers

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Edenred Clean

Dry cleaning vouchers

Edenred Clean

Dry cleaning vouchers

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As good as new.

Edenred Clean will take care of bills for dry cleaning and cleaning agents.


Edenred Clean is a practical, 100% tax deductible voucher. You will use it to cover for washing and cleaning agents as well as detergents and dry cleaning services. In addition, it also acts as a contribution to personal protective equipment.

Not only for clothes.

Edenred Clean also...

Reduces costs. Overall.

Aside from tax savings, you will also save on storage and registration of cleaning products – your products will procure them themselves.

Distinguishes you from the competition

Edenred Clean is a premium employee benefit. Show your people that you truly care about them.

Pay small and large bills

The amount of Edenred Clean vouchers is optional in the range of 30 – 1000 CZK. The total amount of contribution is unlimited.

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