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Edenred Clean

Dry cleaning vouchers

Edenred Clean

Dry cleaning vouchers

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No more collar ironing.

Your dress code will be taken care of by Edenred Clean.

Do you have a prescribed dress code or work clothes at your work? Edenred Clean, which is 100% tax eligible for you and your employer, will help you maintain them.

Not only for clothes.

Edenred Clean also...

Saves your money

Edenred Clean will pay for your dry cleaning bills. It also increases your income – no tax, social security or health insurance is deducted from its value.

Adapts to you

Whether you wear a blazer at work, or overalls, this benefit is the right for you.

Where do they accept Edenred Clean vouchers?

Establishments that accept the Edenred Clean vouchers are marked with the sticker to the right.

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