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Family of paper vouchers

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Edenred Benefits vouchers

Family of paper vouchers

Edenred Benefits vouchers

Family of paper vouchers



Five types of vouchers. Thousands of benefits.

With Edenred Benefits you can contribute to your employees’ relaxation. Your company will save on taxes.


From sports, through culture to weekends in the mountains – with Edenred Benefits you will make your employees happy at once. No matter what you choose, you will save on taxes either way.

What will make your employees happy?

Edenred Multi

All-rounder among benefits. This voucher is accepted by sports, cultural, recreational, educational, healthcare, and preschool establishments.

Edenred Sport&Culture

Want to go to tennis or to a theater? With this voucher, you can pay in cinemas, theatres, fitness centres, tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, and more.

Edenred Holiday

Just recreation. Be it on a luxurious holiday by the sea or when staying in the Czech Republic – this voucher allows both and much more.

Edenred Medica

Healthy lifestyle has never been so simple. Edenred Medica pays for services in pharmacies and medical institutions.

Edenred Academica

This voucher saves you money in bookstores, driving schools, language school, and in many educational courses

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With benefits you can now also pay online.

Do you want to have all your benefits together and pay with them easily online? Try our Benefits Card.

Calculate how much you will save on taxes with Edenred Benefits

Total amount of remuneration per employee:


Number of employees:


As of 01/01/2024, the legislation modifies the use of freetime benefits, whereby an employee can now use benefits tax-free up to half of the average wage. For 2024, this amount is CZK 21,983.

In the amount of one employee's remuneration 21,983 CZK and count of employees 10

Cost savings for all employees:

28,138 CZK

Increase in employee net income:

5,850 CZK

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