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Leisure wallet on the Edenred Card

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Edenred Benefits

Leisure wallet on the Edenred Card

Edenred Benefits

Leisure wallet on the Edenred Card



All leisure benefits on one card. Edenred Benefits cards improve employee satisfaction and save your time and costs.


Edenred Card with the Edenred Benefits leisure wallet is the smartest benefit card that you can use for mobile phone payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can also activate the Ticket Restaurant meal voucher wallet for your employees at any time in the future and contribute to their meals at work. During the payment, the card recognises where you are paying and charges the correct wallet.

Pay contactless and via a mobile phone

Edenred Card with the Edenred Benefits leisure wallet is the only benefits card you can use to pay contactless, using a mobile phone via Google Pay and Apple Pay and online in e-shops.


Mobile payments

Application to download

Save on taxes

The card saves you 12.8 % on social security, health insurance and income tax. Compared to a salary contribution, you will increase your employees' net income by 26.6 %.

Use it all over the country

With the Edenred Card, you can pay at more than 6,200 establishments and e-shops.

Easy online top-up

Card top-up is easy and intuitive. Everything can be arranged online and employees can use the funds on their cards within two days of the top-up.

The resources are always safe

You will not lose your benefits if your card gets lost or stolen. We simply block it and send you a new one.

Calculate how much you will save on taxes with benefits on the Edenred Card

Total amount of remuneration per employee:


Number of employees:


As of 01/01/2024, the legislation modifies the use of freetime benefits, whereby an employee can now use benefits tax-free up to half of the average wage. For 2024, this amount is CZK 21,983.

In the amount of one employee's remuneration 21,983 CZK and count of employees 10

Cost savings for all employees:

28,138 CZK

Increase in employee net income:

5,850 CZK

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For which benefits can you pay with the card?



Culture and leisure

Education and personal development

Travelling and active forms of relaxation