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Leisure wallet on the Edenred Card

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Edenred Benefits

Leisure wallet on the Edenred Card

Edenred Benefits

Leisure wallet on the Edenred Card



One card - many options for spending leisure time.
With Edenred Benefits on your Edenred Card, you can pay for sports, tickets to cultural events and holidays.

Novelty! Now you can have leisure benefits and meal vouchers on the Edenred Card - the smartest card that combines the benefits of separate Edenred Benefits and Ticket Restaurant cards and brings even more comfort when using employee benefits.

In what areas can you use card?


Use fitness centres, swimming pools and other sports facilities.


Have a massage, buy some vitamins or have regular dental hygiene.

Culture and leisure

Visit cinemas, theatres, concerts and sports events.

Education and personal development

Enrol in all types of courses or use your benefits to pay for books in bookstores.

Travelling and active forms of relaxation

Go on holidays or search for new experiences.

You can pay contactless and via a mobile phone

Edenred Card with the Edenred Benefits leisure wallet is the only benefits card you can use to pay contactless, using a mobile phone via Google Pay and Apple Pay and online in e-shops.


Mobile payments

Application to download

Save up for your leisure activities

Compared with a salary contribution, you will save 45.1% of your social security, health insurance and income tax payments.

Use it all over the country

With the Edenred Card, you can pay at more than 6,000 establishments and e-shops.

You can share with family and friends

You can use the Edenred Benefits leisure wallet to pay for your shared holidays, concert tickets or shopping at a bookstore.

The resources are always safe

You will not lose your benefits if your card gets lost or stolen. We simply block it and send you a new one.

Easy access to your spending and balance

With the TicketCard by Edenred smart mobile app you know exactly how much you can spend.

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Pay with Google Pay

TicketCard by Edenred is not the only app that can help you with paying as you can also use Google Pay. Give it a try.

Edenred Benefits and Apple Pay

Pay for your free time activities in an easy, fast and secure way using Apple devices.