Special offers from partners | Edenred

Special offers from partners | Edenred

Czech Republic

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Motivate your customers to come to your restaurant more often.
When you enter an offer into the application, we will add up to 5 CZK cashback to it.

Be among the first with a offer in the app

Attract employees from nearby workplaces.

Motivate guests to visit the restaurant more often with special offers.

Restaurace se speciálními nabídkami budeme zobrazovat přednostně.

We will support the most active restaurants with a higher reward for customers.

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How do you enter a special offer?
Simply through your Edenred account

Log in to your account or register on the Edenred portal.
Enter an offer and select the establishments for which it will be displayed.
Voilà! Nabídka se zobrazuje vaplikaci.

We support restaurants in time of crisis


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You often ask about...

What is a special offer in Edenred Loyalty Programme?

A long-term loyalty program that rewards existing customers for regular visits or events that you want to attract new guests.

The special offer of the Edenred loyalty program can be as followed:

  • Xth lunch / free food / drink (eg 10 + 1 free lunch)
  • Xth lunch / food / drink with a discount (eg every 6th lunch for half)
  • Free drink / soup / dessert from the lunch menu
  • % discount for loyal customers (eg loyalty card with 10% discount)
  • Cash reward / discount / other reward for accumulated expenses (eg for expenses in the amount of CZK 1,000 voucher for CZK 50)
  • Great drink / soup / food for the price of less
  • Seasonal menu information
  • Information about other special offers (eg all you can eat)

We do not consider as a special offer, a regular food and beverage menu, an event for alcoholic beverages, free tap water or any offer that is not valid for a long time (it should be valid for at least 1 month). The publication of tenders is subject to an assessment of their relevance and approval by Edenred.

What is required in order to have extra cashback benefit from Edenred to my special offer?

  1. You run a catering facility within the contractual network of the Ticket Restaurant Card or Edenred Card (within the Ticket Restaurant wallets).
  2. Your MCC (Merchant category code) is one of the following codes: 7399, 7011, 5814, 5813, 5812, 5811.
  3. You have an approved and currently valid special offer in the Edenred mobile application.