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FOOD page | Edenred

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FOOD Program

The European program FOOD aims to support the public health with its unique network of restaurants united under the Ticket Restaurant® solution. The goal of the project is to improve diatery habits of employees by educating them about nutritionally balanced food as well as improving the overall nutritional value of meals offered in restaurants.

FOOD restaurants are marked by a green sticker and highlighted in our search engine with a green color.

What are the benefits of visiting a FOOD restaurant?

FOOD associates with restaurants that offer their customers meals of quality nutritional value

FOOD restaurants respect the principles of a healthy lifestyle

You can suggest your favourite restaurant that meets the criteria to be added to the FOOD program

Involve the whole company

If you wish to educate your team in the principles of a healthy lifestyle, send us a workshop request. Together with a nutrition specialist we visit companies and teach people to eat responsibly.

What are the benefits of becoming a FOOD restaurant?

We can help you raise your profits

Thanks to the Ticket Restaurant® solution we can effectively help you connect with your employees

We will bring in new customers that are interested in a healthy lifestyle

Proven by experience and numbers

Are you interested in customers’ opinion about healthy meals and their demand for it? Look at our annual barometer with filled out questionnaires.

FOOD restaurants criteria

FOOD restaurant owners oblige to abide by at least 5 out of 9 FOOD program criteria of a healthy lifestyle. The criteria were designed in collaboration with an STOB (Stop obesity) specialist.

What are the FOOD restaurant criteria?


Offer non-fried vegetables as part of the main dish in the menu: a small salad, salad buffet or plain vegetables

Nutritional value

Show nutritional values ​​of each meal in the menu (you can count them here)


Offer half-sized meals for both children and adults

Side dishes

Offer whole grain cereals, leguminous plants or pseudo-cereals (such as buckwheat and quinoa) as side dishes


Use less fat and salt


Offer meals with fish or leguminous plants at least twice a week


Offer a non-fried vegetarian/vegan main dish every day


Prefer cooking methods such as steaming, cooking, steam/vacuum cooking or baking