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Migration on Edenred Card

Czech Republic

Migration on Edenred Card

Migration on Edenred Card

Migration on Edenred Card

Migration on Edenred Card

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What will your employees appreciate about the Edenred Card?

The Edenred Card is a state-of-the-art benefit card that employees can use to pay for both food and leisure benefits. Instead of 2 separate cards, one with 2 wallets (Ticket Restaurant for meals and Edenred Benefits for free time) is enough. In addition, they can upload the card to Google Pay or Apple Pay, pay by mobile phone and do not have to carry it with them at all.

When paying, is it necessary to decide from which wallet the funds are to be deducted?

No, paying the Edenred Card is extremely comfortable. You don't have to tell anyone or pick up at the payment terminal. When paying, the Edenred Card knows what the employee is paying for and deducts money from the correct wallet.

How to proceed when activating the Edenred Card?

Each newly issued card (whether it is for a new employee who did not have one in the past or a replaced / replacement card for an existing employee) must be activated after registration / login to the online account on the Edenred portal. Activation instructions are part of the welcome letter that the employee receives with the new card. Check a step by step manual for account opening and card activation HERE:

What do I need to do to transfer balances from the original Ticket Restaurant or Edenred Benefits cards to the new Edenred Card?

During activation via an online account, it is possible to easily transfer balances from the original cards. At that moment, we will block the cards and transfer the balances to the new Edenred Card within 5 working days.

Where can employees find more information about the Edenred Card?

After logging in to their online account, Edenred Card users have a set of useful manuals to help them get started with the card (and related services). You will find these materials in the "Documents to download" section.

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