Electronic benefits card

Czech Republic

Edenred Benefits Card

Electronic benefits card

Edenred Benefits Card

Electronic benefits card



One card. Make the most of your free time.
With the Edenred Benefits Card you can pay for sport, travelling and education.

The Edenred Benefits Card is a contactless electronic MasterCard® pre-charged with your benefits. You can pay benefits providers just as conveniently as with a regular payment card. Even online.

In what areas can you use card?



Culture and leisure

Education and personal development

Travelling and active forms of relaxation

What else do they offer?

Quick and secure payment

Thanks to the contactless card system you only need to “beep and go”. When lost, the card can be blocked, and we will issue a new one with the original balance.

Financial savings

With the card you only pay the exact amount for the specific benefit. There is no need to deal with counting paper vouchers and the (not) returned change.

Partner network width

Sport, massage or vitamin allowance? All benefits can be found on one card. The card can be used to pay at over 5000 places around the Czech Republic.

Premium support

With the Edenred Benefit Card you will also get the free TicketCard by Edenred mobile app, an online card account and 24/7 customer support line.

Mobile payments

Apps thanks to which you will always have the card with you – in your phone.

Thousands of benefits on one card.

See where you can use the Edenred Benefit Card.

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How much have you left on your card.

With the TicketCard by Edenred smart mobile app you know exactly how much you can spend.

Pay with Google Pay

TicketCard by Edenred is not the only app that can help you with paying as you can also use Google Pay. Give it a try.

Edenred Benefits and Apple Pay

Pay for your free time activities in an easy, fast and secure way using Apple devices.

Where do they accept the Edenred Benefits Card?

Establishments that accept the Edenred Benefits Card are marked with the sticker to the right.

Edenred Benefits Card is also accepted in these e-shops.

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