Ticket Multi®

Ticket Multi is a benefit voucher without limits. It offers unlimited choices for use. If you are a service provider in sports, culture, education, health or recreation you can tap into the potential of the holders of these vouchers and start accepting them in your outlets.

Why become a Ticket Multi® affiliate?

The vouchers are based on tax relief for contributions to education, sports, culture, healthcare and recreation, which are as common in Czech firms as meal vouchers are. 

Voucher systems bring companies a great reduction in paperwork. What is more, unlike other solutions, vouchers do not restrict the employees’ choice of educational programmes and facilities. This is why, when we offer companies transition to our voucher system up to 90% of the companies accept the offer.

Many employees perceive vouchers differently from real money – they spend vouchers easier and come back more often than they would if they paid in cash. As a result, they spend more than the value of the voucher in most cases.

Edenred proactively increases the number of voucher users every year and this means more clients for you too.

Employees are proactively informed about the affiliate network members and you gain a major competitive advantage as a result.

We also present the members of our affiliate network in our web search engine and in the Ticketka mini application.


Nominal values and validity of the vouchers

The nominal value is selectable between CZK 30 and CZK 1,000 (with CZK 1 increments). The Standard Block with a nominal value of CZK 100 is available from our branches. The vouchers are valid for 21 months (from 1 April of the current year to 31 December of the following year).

Become our affiliate

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How to become an affiliate

Read on to learn how to become a member of our affiliate network.


True partnership

The success of vouchers depends on the quality of the affiliate network. This is why we take great care of selecting our affiliates and place emphasis on true partnership.

We offer the Ticket Multi® voucher affiliate outlets:

  • Directing beneficiaries towards your outlet.
  • Proactive increase in the number of your customers. We will offer vouchers to companies in your area and they will distribute them to their employees. The number of your customers will grow.
  • Thanks to our communication campaign, voucher beneficiaries in your area will know where to use their vouchers. The reach of the medium that we use for communication is comparable with print advertising in the best-selling lifestyle magazines and the effect of our campaigns exceeds the effect of standard advertising campaigns.
  • We communicate our affiliate network. Take a look at how we can make you more visible.