Edenred: the solution for employee benefits

For 20 years, we have been offering incentive and benefit programme solutions to companies and public institutions. We design the optimum benefit systems for our clients as regards efficiency. The added value is maximum tax savings.

Employee catering

The simplest and most effective solution for employee catering. Now you can order on-line.

Ticket Restaurant

Gift vouchers

They motivate, boost loyalty, and delight. An ideal gift for various target groups. Suitable for marketing promotions. Quick on-line ordering.

Ticket Compliments Dárkový

Social vouchers

A non-monetary form of remuneration and incentive for work in public services.

Ticket Service

Employee benefits

An efficient method of motivating employees, offering the maximum tax benefits for the firm and its employees. Now you can order all vouchers on-line.

Vouchers and cards

Ticket Benefits

Benefit vouchers for your employees to make payments in a broad network of our affiliates.

Ticket Benefits Card

Electronic prepaid cards with employee benefits. Modern and effective incentive in a broad range of areas.

Ticket Čistý

An ideal way to contribute to employees for cleaning services. A 100% tax deductible cost item for the company.

Ticket Junior

An on-line platform for preschool contributions for the employees’ children and grandchildren with tax relief.

Cafeteria: the on-line solution

Benefity Café cafeteria

A dynamic on-line tool for the flexible management of employee benefits and internal communication.

Calculate your tax savings

Calculate how much you can save with the Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers.

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The largest network of outlets

Edenred products are accepted by affiliates in more than 57,000 outlets.

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High service quality

  • Easy on-line ordering
  • Guaranteed delivery within 48 hours
  • Client-focused approachp


What are the commission terms and conditions for the Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers?

The commission terms and conditions are based on Edenred’s directives and internal price lists. 

What is the term of the contract for the Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers, and does it bind us to place orders on a regular basis?


The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time and does not bind the client to place orders on a regular basis or for a specific number of meal vouchers. The cooperation is based primarily on the client’s needs.


What is the validity of the Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers?

Meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant are valid for taking main dish, always between 1st October till 31st December following year.