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Paper voucher

Ticket Restaurant

Paper voucher

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Meal vouchers.

They pay for your lunch and increase your net income. There’s nothing more to say.

The Ticket Restaurant® paper vouchers need no introduction. They are those classic slips of paper that allow you to have great lunch and pay in the supermarket as well.

What else do they offer?

They allow you to save on taxes

Meal vouchers are not subject to deductions for social security and health insurance. This allows you to save on personal income tax.

They allow you to get to know your colleagues better

When else to discuss what you have in mind other than at lunch with colleagues? Meal vouchers will strengthen not only your budget but also the relationships in the office.

They also consider your healthy lifestyle

Eat comfortably and healthily. With our meal vouchers, you can pay in restaurants that are part of the FOOD Program. The menus of these restaurants always have at least one healthy meal.

Does your favorite establishment accept

Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers?

Find your favorite establishments.

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Where they accept meal vouche

Establishments that accept our paper vouchers have the Ticket Restaurant sticker on their doors. Their list can be found below.

Would you like this product in your company?

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FOOD Program

We want to use your vouchers not only for delicious meals but also for a nutritionally balanced diet. This is why we support restaurants in the FOOD Program. In their menus, you will find at least one healthy meal.