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Edenred Service

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Edenred Service.

Voucher for the payment of living allowance.

Edenred Service is a universal voucher used for the purchase of basic necessities for people in a difficult life situation, e.g. for people in material need within the meaning of § 43 (4) of Act No. 111/2006 Coll., on Assistance in Material Need. It is intended for the purchase of food, personal hygiene products, clothing, footwear, school supplies, children's and pharmacy goods. The nominal amount is optional in the range of 30 – 130 CZK (1 CZK intervals).

What does Edenred Service bring to public institutions?

Savings of the financial resources that flow into social areas.

An effective cost-management tool in the area of benefits in material need.

A transparent and traceable way to use living allowance.

Reduction in risks associated with the payment of allowance in cash.

Functional network of stores that correspond to the needs of the recipients of the vouchers.

Where do they accept Edenred Service?

The vouchers are redeemable only within the contracting network of stores of the Edenred Service system. Such stores are marked with the sticker you see to the right.

Which are these establishments?

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