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Czech Republic

Select from benefits at 12,500 contracting partners

Online and with use around the Czech Republic

What awaits you with Benefity Café?

You will find out in less than two minutes. All you need to do is watch the video

Cafeteria offers up to 57,000 options.

From which options can you choose?

Healthcare and wellness

Health is always priority number one. You may redeem our benefits, for example, at dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, opticians, in pharmacies or vaccination centers.


You can select from accommodation in hotels, hostels or boarding houses on tours by the most popular travel agencies in the Czech Republic.

Sport and culture

Fitness centers, tennis and squash, swimming, theater, concerts as well as TicketPro Ticket and Stream. That is where you can use the benefits from Cafeteria.


In the catalog, you will find the leading language schools and educational institutions. You can look forward to personal development courses, computer classes as well as driving schools.


Do your employees want to relax from work with leisure or even adrenaline activities? We will accommodate their needs.

Gift benefits

This groups includes all gift vouchers. With them, one will please not only their loved ones but also themselves.

How to draw benefits?

Benefits from Cafeteria can be used via the Edenred Benefits® card, e-Ticket, directly in e-shops (if possible), or they can be used as paper vouchers.

The Edenred Benefits® payment card

The Edenred Benefits payment card works just as simply as any other contactless payment card. Just put it on a terminal, and the payment for your benefit is taken care of.

Edenred Benefits® vouchers

Relaxation, healthy lifestyle or personal development? The choice is yours. In the Edenred Benefits family of vouchers, you will find 5 themed vouchers from which everyone can choose.

Payment gateway

Works the same as all payment gateways in e-shops. Paying online has never been easier, and with Edenred, you can also pay with your benefits.


The electronic form of the Edenred Benefits voucher with which you can select and pay for your benefit – online and just as easily as when paying with a card.

PC, tablet or phone?

It does not matter. Benefity Café are fully responsive and will adapts to various devices.

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What is Edenred Benefity Café?

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