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Fuel card BENZINA

Czech Republic

Benzina Tankarta by Edenred

Fuel card BENZINA

Benzina Tankarta by Edenred

Fuel card BENZINA

Card solution


Pay less for fuel with the BENZINA Tankarta by Edenred

Edenred in cooperation with BENZINA has prepared new refuelling benefits for their existing customers. With the card, you can refuel for a flat price at all filling stations. To obtain the card, you first need an active card with your My Edenred account. You can find out the current price after logging in to your account.

Two cards with one account - a family solution

Every user can order up to two cards per My Edenred account.

The production and delivery of one card costs CZK 49 (CZK 90 for two cards).

The price of production and delivery will be deducted during your first card top-up.

How does it work?

You order

After logging in to your My Edenred account, you can order up to 2 cards


We deliver

We will deliver the card to your specified address


You top up

You can top up your card with credit at any BENZINA filling station


You refuel

You will initially refuel and pay the full price of the fuel, which you will see on the filling station dispenser


You get cashback

By the fourth day of the new month, we will refund the difference (compared to the discounted price displayed on to your card as cashback


The largest fuel filling station network

BENZINA runs the most extensive network of filling stations in the Czech Republic. It is a traditional yet contemporary brand typified by its high quality fuel and customer service.

Why does your BENZINA Tankarta by Edenred pay off?

Fill up for less at all BENZINA filling stations

With one account, you can order and manage two cards

No service charges

You often ask about...

Why does your BENZINA Tankarta pay off?

It saves both time and money. You will get discount at all BENZINA filling stations all over the Czech Republic therefore you don’t have to go to more distant filling stations which have better prices.

Where can I find current fuel prices using BENZINA Tankarta by Edenred?

Before ordering the card, you will find discounted prices for the fuels after logging in to a user account on the Edenred portal.

Which products does the discount with Tankarta by Edenred apply to?

The discount applies to the following products: Efecta 95 (Natural 95/unleaded), Efecta Diesel (diesel), Verva 100 (premium unleaded), Verva Diesel (premium diesel) and AdBlue.

The "BENZINA announced price" is determined separately for each type of fuel (except for LPG and CNG) sold at filling stations in the BENZINA network.

The current announced prices of fuels as well as the discount can be found in your account on the Edenred portal.