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Edenred fully recovered from the technical issues.

29. 11. 2019

Dear clients, users, business partners,

Edenred happily announces, that we have fully recovered from the technical issues we have been facing since 21st of November 2019 as a consequence of a global malware attack on our company. All our systems and processes are now fully functional, and we are ready to provide you the best in class service, that you are expecting from us.

The Malware has been identified and its spreading stopped, mainly due to preventive measures and immediate reaction to the attack. We have called up for help experts on cyber-security to investigate and recover from the incident fast.

Our core systems - namely our systems for processing cards and payments, Benefity Café and My Edenred account - have not been affected by this attack at all. This is why they have been functioning even during and after the attack without interruption. Minor outages of our services were due to a precautious disconnection of some of our infrastructure elements.

At the current stage of investigation, supported by industry-leading third-party technical experts and forensics, there is currently no evidence that any kind of data (e.g. about our users, clients etc.) have been stolen or accessed. Propagation to Edenred’s clients nor external partners has been encountered.

All your orders sent to us through online ordering system My Edenred account (extranet.edenred.cz) are processed by our customer care centre with increased capacity to deliver them in time.

Many partners and clients have expressed their compassion during the last few days, for which we are extremely grateful. We sincerely value our cooperation with our business partners, clients and users and are committed to fulfil the highest standards of our services to them.

Your Edenred

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