Ticket Čistý

What is Ticket Čistý?

Ticket Čistý vouchers are used to pay for cleaners and detergents, including the washing and cleaning of working clothes or uniforms. It is a simple and flexible way of meeting statutory requirements – and not just for companies doing business in the industrial, manufacturing, construction or other similar sectors.

Did you know ... 

  • Every third employee spends at least CZK 100 a month on cleaning clothes?
  • Most employees who receive meal vouchers would welcome vouchers for the purchase of detergents?
  • Even for administrative positions, the Labour Code assumes that employees will receive detergents worth at least CZK 50 per month?

Worry-free care for the health and hygiene of your staff

Using Ticket Čistý vouchers is one of the simplest ways of guaranteeing the cleanliness of your employees’ working clothes or uniforms and their hygiene. What is more, the cost of purchasing the vouchers is also 100% tax deductible. This income is exempt from income tax and social and health insurance contributions for both the employer and the employee.

Advantages for the employer

  • Employee’s net income – a 100% tax-deductible expense for the company 
  • Minimum administration 
  • Easy distribution
  • Reduced stock-keeping costs
  • The possibility of an individual choice of establishment 
  • No restrictions on the amount of the benefit provided
  • Reinforced employee loyalty

Benefits for your employees

  • Individual choice of location and goods in accordance with the needs of each employee and the nature of their work. 
  • For employees, the value of these vouchers is not subject to income tax and is not included in the assessment base for social and health insurance = actual net income.

Calculation of tax savings

Where the vouchers can be used

Ticket Čistý vouchers can be used in a network of more than 400 drugstores and dry-cleaners. The network of partner establishments covers the whole of the Czech Republic, which is appreciated by companies from industrial regions.

Partner establishments accepting Ticket Čistý vouchers indicate this fact with a sticker.

Standard nominal values: CZK 50 and CZK 100. Otherwise from CZK 40 to CZK 200.

Choose an establishment where the vouchers can be used

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