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The biggest dietary mistakes at work

1. Coffee instead of breakfast
In the morning without coffee a lot of people can not even imagine. If you are one of those who get a cup of coffee right after waking up or going to work before breakfast, then you make every day for evening oysters. Not to mention that coffee dehydrates the body and, in a larger amount, it gives you lower concentration and total attenuation instead of energy delivery. If you do not have the coffee without a coffee, try to reduce it to two cups a day and give it first when you have breakfast in the morning.

2. Lunch as the first meal of the day
You should eat the first meal within two hours of awakening. Starting with lunch at lunchtime is the worst thing you can do for your body. Your whole body will have to work out of reserve all morning, which may seem like an advantage, but the opposite is true. The body that is struggling to compensate for the deficit is compensated at the earliest possible opportunity. So then you can eat anything that's coming to your nose and a lot. This includes afternoon and evening appetizers for sweet and unhealthy foods.

3. Eating on the march
When eating, it is best for your brain to concentrate on food alone. Otherwise, you may feel that you have not gotten enough, and in the evening, when you are finally at rest, you will begin to order the missing food. Definitely you should not eat at your computer and work at lunch or eat at walking. Even if you do not go or go from one meeting to another, try to check for at least 15 minutes and eat at ease. Regular lunches can also be arranged by our card or meal vouchers Ticket Restaurant.

4. No snack
Six hours and more without food is a hunger for the body. When you have lunch at noon and have dinner at seven or eight o'clock in the evening, you have a long distance between meals. At that time, hunger will probably hurt you. That's why it's good to have a healthy snack. Sweet sticks, chips or pastry or other coffee will not help you with hunger. Better raw cheese, yoghurt with nuts or protein stick without surplus sugar. It does not have to be big, even a small snack is better than nothing.

5. Lack of water
Fatigue, poor concentration and migraines. All this can cause a lack of water. If you get so busy during the day that you do not watch even the supply of water, you are mainly punishing your body. Water is one of the most important ingredients for your body, so you should regularly supply it with your body during the day. At least one liter during eight hours of work should be enough for you.

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