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Ticket Junior® – working & taking care of a child

Are you putting off the return to work because you can’t afford a private preschool and public kindergartens are full? Or maybe you would just like to reduce your family budget and save one third of the money spent on your kids’ camps and leisure activities? The Ticket Junior® can change a lot of things for you. 


Main advantages

  • It can pay for anything involving children.
    The benefit can be spent on both public and private nurseries, preschools and for any leisure activity for children, from preschools through summer camps to extracurricular activity clubs.

  • It is fully online.
    No vouchers, only an easy and comfortable online solution, much like online banking.

  • You save 31%.
    Thanks to the tax relief system you save money on payments for preschool facilities and leisure activities of your children.


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Tax savings with tickets Junior®

Calculate how much you can save on payments for kindergarten through Ticket Junior®.





Who qualifies for the advantages of Ticket Junior®?

  •      An employee
  •      A family member of a child aged from 6 months to 7 years, for preschool payments
  •      A family member of a child or youth aged 26 years of less, for leisure activities 

How does the Ticket Junior® benefit platform work?

From now on, your employer will take care of your payments to your preschool facility or leisure activity provider. You sign a form concerning the amount of the required payment and your employer will then remit the payments directly to the Ticket Junior® online platform, which works similarly to online banking. Payments are sent directly to each facility via this platform. You will also have unique access to this banking system – you can set up virtual accounts for your children and specify the dates of the payment orders. The Ticket Junior settings are variable and entirely up to you.

What do I do next?

  •          Please check that the facility which your child attends meets the legal requirements for this benefit. Details on the legal requirements for Ticket Junior are available here.
  •          Ask your employer for this benefit. We would be pleased to assist you in this and make a presentation of this benefit to your employer, including the advantages for employers. Call us on  +420 234 662 340, or fill in the Contact Form.

Ticket Junior is a platform for stories with a happy end, let us make yours one of them.