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Ticket Benefits Card®

Have you received a Ticket Benefits® Card from your employer? Is your company considering it? Ticket Benefits® Card is an electronic prepaid card that carries employee benefits. The card has a preset financial limit available to the cardholder to pay for leisure activities in a broad range of areas. It has been developed in collaboration with MasterCard.

Advantages of the Ticket Benefits® card

  • Simple use as a standard payment card
  • Possibility of progressive payments in precise amounts
  • Personalised cards can be topped up
  • Attractive and broad affiliate network of thousands of outlets
  • Card payments can be made for family and friends too
  • The card can be used in brick-and-mortar shops and online
  • Online overview of the card account
  • The card can be stop-listed if lost and the PIN can be changed to prevent loss of the funds loaded
  • It increases net income by 45.2% compared with a wage increase
  • The funds from the card can be transferred to Ticket Multi vouchers if your favourite outlet does not accept payment cards

Tax savings with the Ticket Benefits® Card

Calculate a specific example of the tax advantage of the Ticket Benefits® card.


What does the Ticket Benefits® Card look like? 

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Sign in to Ticket Benefits® Card

Sign in to your card account. You can find a card balance there or change your PIN.


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Ticket Benefits® card variants


  • It contains the name of the cardholder
  • It can be topped up repeatedly
  • It is valid for 3 years
  • The funds loaded are valid for 24 months


  • Does not contain the name of the cardholder
  • It can not be topped up
  • It is valid for 1 year
  • The funds loaded are valid for 12 months

Where can the Ticket Benefits® Card be used?

The network is set up so that vouchers can only be used for the purposes laid down by the law. The network includes the most sought-after affiliates and brands in the fields of active relaxation, travel, training, and healthy lifestyle. The affiliate network is being continuously updated.

The Ticket Benefits® Card can be used at mostly all outlets labeled with the MasterCard logo that provide services in:

  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Recreation, travel agencies (domestic and international)
  • Healthcare (pharmacies included)
  • Education      

And in the outlets and facilities which are labeled with Ticket Benefits® Card logo.

They can be used at certain online shops as well!

TB_Card_samolepka_2010.gif  MasterCard logo

Have a look at our outlet search engine for inspiration.

Recommend an outlet to us

Does your favourite fitness club, educational institution or health facility not accept Ticket Benefits® cards? Recommend an outlet to us and we will arrange for affiliation. Then there will be no obstacle for you using benefits without any limits. 


Also, visit  www.ticketbenefitscard.cz.