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Do you prefer playing sports, or relaxing peacefully? Do you go to the cinema, theatre and concerts? Do you travel, try to live a healthy life, and develop your body and spirit? Doing all of the above, you can save if you use the Ticket Benefits® vouchers, which are part of the employee reward system.

Advantages of Ticket Benefits®

  • Vouchers can be used in the largest network of affiliated outlets across the Czech Republic, which includes thousands of affiliates.
  • As an employee you do not pay income tax or social security and health insurance payments from the voucher value. In effect, vouchers increase your net income.
  • You save costs for your employer – they will save on insurance payments for the vouchers issued.
  • The amount of the contribution is not limited, except for Ticket Holiday®.
  • Ticket Benefits® vouchers motivate you to use their respective benefits. Do not just sit back at home or at work – go out and see cultural and sports events, get involved in the goings on in society, or travel.

The Ticket Benefits® range includes the following themed vouchers:

  • Ticket Multi®: Maximum freedom of choice. The vouchers are accepted by sports, cultural, recreational, educational, health and preschool facilities where the voucher holder can choose precisely the service that they need most.
  • Ticket Sport & Kultura®: Sports and culture. The vouchers will cover your admission to cinemas, multiplex cinemas, theatres, and sports facilities such as fitness centres, tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, and other.
  • Ticket Holiday®: Recreation. The vouchers are accepted by travel agencies and tour operators that cater to the most discerning clients wishing to travel to both international and domestic destinations.
  • Ticket Medica®: Healthy lifestyle. The voucher enables payments to health facilities.
  • Ticket Academica®: Personal development. The vouchers will save your money in driving and language schools and for management, IT, finance and other training courses.


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Does your boss commend you but is unable to give you a raise?

Be prepared for negotiations. Many companies hold regular evaluation interviews with their employees, and this is your unique opportunity to point out your contributions for the firm and ask for a raise. No success? Do not despair, you can still discuss a different form of wage increase, one that will be advantageous not only for you but for your employee as well. Ask for Ticket Benefits®. Calculate how much more advantageous it is to receive Ticket Benefits® vouchers compared with a raise, for both you and your employer, and you can use the calculation as an argument if needed.