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It does not matter where and when you work. The Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers are a simple way to pay for your lunch at the nearest restaurant.

Advantages for meal voucher holders

  • As an employee you will save on personal income tax. You do not pay any social security or health insurance on meal vouchers. Calculate how much your income will grow with Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers.
  • With meal vouchers, you can have a good meal during your working hours and you need not bring lunches from home.
  • You will gain new energy and have a chat with your colleagues during the lunch break.
  • You help your employer to save the costs of social security and health insurance. 

New one-third smaller vouchers

We meet the wishes of our clients, affiliates and users and reduce the size of our meal vouchers by 33%

  • New and smaller size 98*33 mm
  • We think green
  • We reduce paper consumption and help the environment
  • We are more convenient - we fit every wallet
  • We provide the same protection

Where can you pay using Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers?

Vouchers can be used at outlets that provide catering – in particular restaurants, diners, fast food outlets and food shops. Affiliated outlets accepting the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers are labelled with one of these stickers:

sticker Ticket Restaurant 

At this point, more than 32,000 restaurants, diners and food shops are registered in the Ticket Restaurant® network of affiliates. You can find your nearest outlet on our website in the Search for outlets section or in the Ticketka application.



  • a mini application for finding the nearest restaurant
  • a possibility to track your energy intake in a lunch log
  • attractive competitions
  • available as a mobile application too

Recommend us new client

Do you know the company, who do not offer meal tickets to their emplyees? Give us note and grab your reward!

Recommend a client

Recommend your favorite restaurant

Does your favourite restaurant not accept our meal vouchers? Write to us and we will take care of everything!

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Calculate your savings

Calculate how much you can save with Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers or meal cards.

Have you no meal vouchers yet?

Alert us to your employer and we will explain all the reasons why they should order Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers for you. What is more, you will receive a reward, and the more hungry colleagues you have the bigger your reward.


Does your favourite restaurant not accept Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers?

Recommend a restaurant to us and we will arrange for you to pay using Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers. You will be able to have your lunches with no limits.


Validity of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers

The validity of the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers is printed on the topside of each voucher, in the top left-hand corner below the Ticket Restaurant® logo. Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers are valid for buying main courses from 1 October of the current year to 31 December of the following year.

If you have not used your Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers by 31 December, do not despair. You can help a good cause and give them to us to donate them to the Help the Children! fundraising account.