Who we are

We provide employee benefits for corporate clients and have been designing the optimum benefit solutions for our clients since 1993. Thanks to the experience gained over the twenty years of our business, we have worked our way up to become one of the major providers in the Czech Republic. Today, more than 23,500 companies and public institutions trust our services as we help them to address their everyday operating needs in employee remuneration.

Our goal

Our goal is to enhance employee satisfaction and increase their loyalty to their employers, and thus improve the company’s performance. We have been successful in meeting this goal primarily thanks to our customer-focused approach, professional and good quality services, and work on expanding what today is already the biggest affiliate network in the Czech Republic, which includes more than 57,000 affiliated outlets.


Our products

The best-known employee benefit management solutions that we offer include:

  • Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers
  • Ticket Benefits range of benefit vouchers
  • Ticket Compliments gift vouchers
  • prepaid Ticket Benefits Cards
  • Online benefits platform – Benefity Café cafeteria 


Edenred vouchers represent true benefits

A wide range of themed benefits

In employee benefits, our products cover all areas laid down by the law. With the Ticket Benefits vouchers, you can contribute to your employees’ cultural and sports experience, holidays, medical care, and preschool child care.

Vouchers for marketing purposes

The Ticket Compliments gift vouchers are a fitting incentive tool for your clients and trade partners. They are perfectly suited to your loyalty programmes and as prizes in competitions.

Tax advantages

Edenred vouchers bring tax advantages to both companies and their employees. With vouchers, you can cut your company’s taxes and payments for employees while increasing your employees’ net income.

Affiliate network across the Czech Republic

Edenred vouchers are accepted at more than 57,000 outlets. This is the largest and fastest growing retail affiliate network in the Czech Republic.

Supply of vouchers based on your needs

Edenred vouchers are packed in personalised envelopes making their distribution to employees easier. We deliver standard supplies right to your door within two days.


Edenred vouchers for the public sector

Edenred as a voucher system provider has been helping public institutions and governments in many countries, primarily European, with the introduction of efficient welfare systems, such as assistance in poverty, for many years.

Systems based on paper vouchers are the most widespread, as their principal advantage is the speed of implementation and low investments. Paper vouchers are secured by protective elements and may be in various nominal values.

All such systems are tailored to the public institutions’ needs.