Protecting the environment - Ideal Green

Our business approach is fully in accordance with the environmental approach based on the principles of mutual respect and long-term sustainability. 


Ideal green, Edenred’s environmental approach, relies on three main drivers:

  • Environmental performance management
  • Eco-design of products
  • Creation of eco-friendly solutions.

This approach is supported by all of the Group’s employees, in particular on Earth Day.


Environmental management

Annual environmental reporting is carried out to consolidate and oversee Ideal Green effortsIt is based on some twenty indicators covering:

  • Water consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste generated
  • Paper consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions


Earth Day

Every year, in honour of Earth Day on April 22, Edenred invites all of its employees to organize a day dedicated to the environment and carry out awareness-raising events aimed at its stakeholders.

For the fourth edition, 25 subsidiaries were involved in waste-reducing actions.  The Group's employees learned how to consume more responsibly and stop was​ting.

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