FOOD programme for those who want to eat better

The FOOD programme encourages balanced and quality nutrition, which contributes towards improving a healthy lifestyle. The European Union initiated the programme in 2009, responding to the alarming statistics concerning the growing obesity rate in Europe.

Goals of the programme

  • Improving the nutritional value of meals offered in restaurants
  • Informing consumers about the meal offer
  • Establishing a network of FOOD restaurants

Programme methodology

Information campaign

  • Restaurants – tips on making lunchtime offers more attractive
  • Consumers – simple recommendations on choosing and putting together lunches that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle

FOOD in Europe

8 European countries participate in the programme as part of the Edenred Group:

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

FOOD Conference

A press conference on the topic of Healthier Lunches on Weekdays and the Food programme took place on 4 March 2015.

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FOOD mapa zemí

Why Edenred?

One thing is certain: Good nutrition influences work productivity.

Edenred joined the programme early on. With its Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, Edenred has a unique opportunity to address some 500,000 consumers and 32,000 affiliated outlets, 20,000 of which are restaurants all over the Czech Republic.

The meal voucher network allows for concurrent communication with the two principal target groups. Thanks to this, a uniform approach and better results are possible.

FOOD Restaurants

The network currently has 600 restaurants and the number is growing.

We are building the network based on the nominations from Ticket Restaurant® voucher users. Each restaurant must meet the FOOD programme criteria to be included in it.

FOOD Restaurants must meet at least five from the following eight criteria:

  • If the restaurant offers a lunch menu, it also always offers a less substantial type of soup (broth), or a less substantial main course (salad) can be ordered with an energy-rich type of soup.
  • The restaurant serves half portion meals not just for children.
  • The restaurant offers vegetable side dishes as well.
  • The restaurant offers other side dishes in addition to fried ones.
  • The restaurant offers one vegetarian meal (not fried) in its daily menus at least twice a week.
  • The restaurant offers vegetable salads as a main course.
  • It is possible to order a smaller helping of a vegetable salad along with a main course, or the salad is a stable part of daily main course menus.
  • Among its ready-made meals, the restaurant also offers less calorically intensive dishes, non-fried vegetable dishes, salads made of fresh vegetables, and/or differently and less intensively processed dishes (stewed, steamed, roasted etc.).

Nominate your favourite restaurant and help to create a good restaurant database here.

The PPP (Public-Private Partnership) consortium of experts involving 21 partners from all countries involved is the sponsor of the FOOD programme.

In the Czech Republic, the sponsor of the programme is the Hravě žij zdravě, o. s. civic association with its project, STOB (Stop Obesity), which helps people not only losing weight reasonably but also promoting a healthy lifestyle as a means of prevention of obesity in both adults and children. STOB is involved in the preparation of the FOOD programme methodology in the Czech Republic.