Welcome to the world of benefits

Are meal vouchers a benefit to you? Do you know how much you save in taxes and deductions with them? And how about other incentive programmes? Are you prepared to discuss benefits with your superiors and convince them that preschool contributions are good not only for you but for the employer as well?

Benefits for you

Use our calculators and see how much you can save with benefits from Edenred. Find which benefit vouchers or cards are best for you and request them from your employer. All products offered attract a tax relief. You and your employer will save and also receive more advantages thanks to them.

Beneficio Club – discount coupons and more advantages

Our affiliates offer many advantages and discount coupons for Edenred voucher and card users. They are simple to use: just print the coupon and use it in a brick-and-mortar shop, or use it in an e-shop. Registration is not required.

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Ticketka is a mobile application that will help you to find an outlet or restaurant accepting Edenred vouchers. The search is quick and intuitive. It returns a wealth of useful information about outlets and restaurants while giving you an opportunity to compete for attractive prizes.

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Adverts inserted into envelopes with vouchers

We try to offer you even more. This is why we insert coupons featuring advantageous offers, discounts or competitions from our affiliates into your envelopes.

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Where to use vouchers or cards?

Enter the name or address of the outlet.

Your can search by:

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Recommend your favorite restaurant to us

Your favorite shop or restaurant do not accept our vouchers? Write us what kind establishment it is and we will arrange everything!

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Recommend a new client to us

Do you know a company whose employees would also like to receive meal vouchers? Write us which company it is and we will arrange everything!

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Edenred offers solutions

Edenred has been the leader in employee incentives for more than 20 years. We provide our services to more than 23,000 companies and you are the end beneficiary of incentive programmes. Make full use of the offer that we are bringing you through employers.

Meal vouchers

Do not pay cash for your meals. If you pay with Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, you can save up to 17% compared with cash payments.

Ticket Restaurant

Gift vouchers

Do not store useless gifts. A gift cheque offers freedom of choice.

Ticket Compliment Dárkový

Social vouchers

A universal voucher for subsistence allowance payments. No risk of misuse by a dependant or a person pressed by creditors.

Ticket Service

Company benefits

Let your employer motivate you.

Vouchers and cards

Ticket Benefits

Benefit vouchers used as contribution to recreation, sports, culture and health care.

Ticket Benefits Card

A multi-purpose modern card packed with benefits. You pay as easily as with any other payment card.

Ticket Čistý

Get contributions for the maintenance of your work clothes.

Ticket Junior

Save on school fees. Preschools for your children and grandchildren cost less with Ticket Junior®.

Cafeteria: an on-line solution

Benefity Café

A benefit e-shop. An easy choice, an efficient solution.


My vouchers are damaged (torn) and my restaurant will not accept them. What do I do?

Send you damaged vouchers to our head office and do not forget to include your address. We will send new vouchers to your address.

Is there a maximum limit on how much I can sacrifice to Ticket Junior?

You can sacrifice an amount ensuring that the remaining part of your net wage, i.e. net of the income tax, social security, health insurance and all other mandatory payments (enforcements etc.), equals at least the minimum wage, which has been set at CZK 8,500 for 2014.