In cash

Having returned vouchers to a branch, the affiliate may be paid in cash immediately. The funds are paid net of the agreed commission deducted from the total nominal value of the vouchers returned. The affiliate receives a cash receipt slip as the confirmation of the payment.

For higher amounts in cash (CZK 20,000 to CZK 50,000, depending on branch), please contact the branch in advance to make sure that the amount is available. One-time payments are restricted to CZK 150,000 maximum (under Act No 253/2008).

In terms of price, credit transfer to a bank account and a combination of cash and the Ticket Profi®  Card is more cost-effective.

To a bank account

Having returned the vouchers to a branch in person or when sending the vouchers by post, affiliates may request credit transfer to their accounts.

The affiliate will receive a receipt from the branch to confirm its receipt of the vouchers. The accounting document (invoice) is issued the next day and is e-mailed to the affiliate. Affiliates can also download their invoices from our website once logged in.

The difference between the total nominal value of the returned vouchers and the agreed commission (at a standard rate of 5.3%) is credited to the affiliate’s account within nine business days. The credit transfer to a bank account is usually more advantageous than a cash payment. To receive funds in their accounts faster, affiliates can choose the Express cashless payment.

Express to a bank account

With the EXPRESS payment, you will receive the funds in your account no later than the 4th business day from returning the vouchers to our offices.

For the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, the commission with the EXPRESS transfer to a bank account is set at 5.7%, and with other types of vouchers the commission is 0.5% higher compared with the payment for a standard transfer.

If you are interested in the Express payment, please contact Edenred branches or call the Customer Centre at +420 234 662 180.

Ticket Profi®Card

Ticket Profi® Card is a card full of advantages. It is the new way of redeeming Edenred vouchers: the money for the returned vouchers can now be transferred to the Ticket Profi® Card. The amount on the card is instantly available for payment. The card can be used in a network of suppliers or for cash withdrawals from ATMs. (The option of transfer of funds to a bank account also remains open.) The prepaid Ticket Profi® payment card is issued in collaboration with MasterCard.

Advantages of the Ticket Profi® card.

  • Maximum security in voucher redemption at Edenred branches.
  • High degree of payment security with Ticket Profi® cards (cashless payments)*.
  • Possibility to pay anywhere. Ticket Profi® cards can also be used for payments for deliveries using a mobile payment terminal or via text messages.
  • Funds are credited to Ticket Profi® cards immediately after returning the vouchers and are immediately ready for shopping in our supplier network (wholesalers and chains). You can find a current list of contract suppliers
  • Marked reduction in the commission for cash if a portion of the funds is credited to the Ticket Profi® card. With the Ticket Profi® card, your commission on cash payment can start at 5.5%.


*The extra charge for cash withdrawal from an ATM is 1.6% + CZK 30