Advantages of the partnership

Tap into the advantages of our partnership.

Increase number of prospective customers

  • We proactively increase the number of voucher and benefit card users, which in turn increases the number of your prospective customers.
  • Vouchers are based on a tax relief and are provided as a bonus. This is why they are perceived differently from real money. They are spent more easily and quickly, and for better quality goods and services.
  • Voucher holders usually pay more than the voucher value.
  • We offer vouchers to companies in your area.

We will make you more visible

  • We offer you a promotion-based partnership. Wherever we communicate Edenred vouchers and cards, we also present our affiliates’ logos.
  • We present the members of our affiliate network on our website, in our web search engine and in the Edenred News bulletin intended for our clients.
  • Every affiliate can use inserted adverts distributed along with Edenred vouchers and offer an attractive proposition or discount for our beneficiaries.


Become our affiliate

Register on our website and accept vouchers today! Or call our affiliate hot line at

+420 234 662 180

Become affiliate

Advertise with us

Are you looking for advertising and want to know the costs? In case you are interested in please call us at

+420 234 662 372

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Beneficio Club®

Beneficio Club® is the exclusive platform for your promotion and visibility. It offers users current discounts and promotions in various areas: wellness, travel, sports, culture, and household appliances.

Why are we offering you Beneficio Club®?

  • For you to present your offerings and discounts free of charge to a wide array of employees with regular monthly income.
  • You can win new customers and boost loyalty to your brand.
  • Our regular communication campaigns will ensure a high rate of response to your offerings.

Our bonus for working with you

Our advertising offer in Beneficio Club® is free of charge for our clients and affiliates. This is our bonus to you, which we hope will enhance our future cooperation. You can offer discounts and promotions in various fields: wellness, travel, sports, culture, and gifts. If you want your offering to be shown in Beneficio Club® contact us at or 234 662 372.