A healthy diet – Ideal Meal

Up to 90% of our business involves meal vouchers. Hence, encouraging a balanced diet and healthy nutrition not just at work is a major part of our company-wide responsibility vis-à-vis the society as a whole.


With Ideal meal, the central component of its CSR programme, Edenred takes action to improve eating habits. This includes primarily developing projects specific to eating habits promoting healthy nutrition.

FOOD programme

Launched in Europe in 2008, the FOOD (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) programme aims to:

  • Positively influence the eating habits of employees during the workday;
  • Jointly act on restaurant supply and consumer demand.

Find out more about the programme and its activities in the Czech Republic on the FOOD website.


World Food Day

Since 2013, in honour of World Food Day, on October 16, Edenred has been organizing Ideal meal Day intended to promote healthy nutrition at an affordable price.  Every year, the Group's employees are ambassadors for this global event.

In 2013, employees shared Ideal recipes from their country as part of a competition. 

For the 2014 edition, the Group's stakeholders are invited to post a photo of their Ideal meal on Twitter. An international jury will vote on the 9 tastiest, most attractive, most original and (of course) healthiest photos!