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Ticket Junior® - working & taking care of a child

Ticket Junior® is an electronic portal through which parents can simply pay online for the leisure activities, various clubs and preschool facilities that their children enjoy. Thanks to the tax relief this benefit provides, it can save money for your employees and for your firm.

What are the benefits of Ticket Junior® for your firm?

  •  No extra cost to provide the benefit – the product is self-financing
  •  Happy employees who will want to return earlier back to work from parental leave
  •  Lower turnaround and fewer costs for the recruitment of new staff. 

Main advantages

  •  Saves 15%.
    Thanks to the tax relief system your firm saves money on employer’s contributions.

  •  It is fully online.
    No vouchers, only an easy and comfortable online solution, much like online banking.

  •  Saves parents 31%.
    Thanks to the tax relief system employees save money on payments for preschool facilities and leisure activities of their children.

  •  It can pay for anything involving children.
    The benefit can be spent on both public and private nurseries, preschools, daycare, and for any leisure activity for children, from preschools through summer camps to extracurricular activity clubs.

Tax savings with tickets Junior®

Calculate how much you can save on payments for kindergarten through Ticket Junior®.




Who qualifies for the advantages of Ticket Junior®?

Any firm wishing to motivate its employees. Implementation at your firm takes 5 working days or less! No extra systems needed.

Want to learn more?

We will be pleased to set up an information only meeting or you can call us anytime at  +420 234 662 340, or fill in the contact form. 

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 Selected credentials from clients who offer Ticket Junior® to their employees:

  • AC Nielsen Czech republic, s.r.o., Praha
  • HAMA spol. s r.o., Brno
  • KRÁLOPOLSKÁ RIA, a.s., Brno
  • AmRest, s.r.o. Praha
  • CA CZ, s.r.o., Praha