Stravenková karta Ticket Restaurant, elektronické stravenky Edenred
Ticket Restaurant Card

Ticket Restaurant® Card – the meal card

Ticket Restaurant® Card is the electronic form of the paper meal vouchers. It is a prepaid payment card issued in cooperation with MasterCard®. The cards enable employees to pay for their lunches quickly and simply. Customers can make payments using the card in more than 8 000 restaurants and groceries throughout the Czech Republic.

Ticket Restaurant® Card

  • Chip-enabled payment card secured using a PIN code
  • Contactless card
  • Active for online transactions too
  • The card’s daily cumulative limit is CZK 500
  • The card is personalised with the user’s name 
  • The card is valid for 3 years and the funds on the card are valid for a maximum of 15 months

The funds on the card are intended to purchase hot meals and food, just as with paper meal vouchers.


Advantages of e-vouchers for the company

  • Time savings – no more sorting and distributing meal vouchers to your employees
  • Simple and easy to navigate  online card ordering and loading, overview of the use of the funds on cards
  • Secure – no more transporting and sorting meal vouchers
  • Sensibly expended funds  with the card, you always pay just as much as the lunch costs
  • Employee incentive – the handy card motivates employees to a healthy and wholesome diet
  • Prestige – a modern and smart way of lunch payments


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Where can you pay using the card?

The card can be used for payments in the Czech Republic with selected affiliates of Edenred CZ using bank payment terminals, the E-Pay by Edenred payment application, and online.

The outlets that accept the Ticket Restaurant® Card are recognisable with displayed stickers. For a list, see or by a mobile app TicketCard by Edenred which you can download from Google Play / Apple Store / Windows Store.


TicketCard by Edenred – card management a partners search engine

A smart mobile app TicketCard by Edenred allows your employees to get an overview of the current card balance. The app is useful also for Ticket Benefits® Card Users since it also includes a search engine of partners accepting these cards. You can download the app from Google Play / Apple Store / Windows Store.


Advantages of the meal card for employees

  • Convenient– you have your meal vouchers on a single card in your wallet – no counting, no pieces of paper
  • Quick contactless payment – just “beep and go”, usually without a PIN code up to CZK 500
  • Money saving – you really pay only the amount on the bill
  • Secure – you can have the card simply blocked and apply for a new one in the event of loss or theft
  • Sharing – option of issuing additional cards for family members


Tax relief

The tax relief applying to the funds on the Ticket Restaurant® Card is the same as with paper meal vouchers. It is a cost item attracting tax relief up to 70% of the meal cost.

The contribution is free of social security and health insurance payments for employers and employees. The employee typically pays the remaining 45% of the meal cost.

Find our more about the tax relief on the Legislation page.