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Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers are the simplest and most effective way to help cover employees’ meal costs during the work process. Meal vouchers constitute an effective tool for motivating employees and also save the employer’s costs.

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Advantages for companies

  • You pay lower taxes because meal vouchers are tax deductible costs up to 70% of the meal contribution, which corresponds to 55% of the nominal value of the meal voucher.
  • Free of social security and health insurance payments for the employer.
  • They motivate employees to satisfaction and better performance.
  • They make your company more attractive for both your current and future employees.
  • Meal vouchers encourage your employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages for HR departments

  • Meal vouchers save your costs thanks to the tax benefit while increasing your employees’ net income.
  • They increase employee satisfaction and motivation.
  • On-line ordering 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  • Secure meal voucher delivery directly to you.
  • Perfect control over your orders.
  • Choice of nominal meal voucher values.
  • Meal vouchers can be personalised, issued with employees’ names.

Advantages for employees

  • The meal contribution increases the employee’s net income.
  • The meal contribution is free of personal income tax and social security and health insurance payments.
  • Meal vouchers encourage informal meetings with colleagues.
  • An everyday contribution to regular meals aids a healthy lifestyle.

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Calculate how much you can save with Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers or meal cards.

Legal framework

The use of the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers is governed by the Labour Code and the Income Tax Act.

Legal framework

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Does your favourite restaurant not accept our meal vouchers? Write to us and we will take care of everything!

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Why Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers?

  • The broadest network of affiliates’ outlets that accept Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers.
  • Attractive discount coupons  with our affiliates at Beneficio Club
  • A free Ticketka application for smart phones.
  • Website with a search engine featuring restaurants and outlets that accept all vouchers issued by Edenred.
  • We are a partner of the Fight against Obesity through Offer and Demand, a European project promoting healthy and balanced diet on working days.

New one-third smaller vouchers

We meet the wishes of our clients, affiliates and users and reduce the size of our meal vouchers by 33%

  • New and smaller size 98*33 mm
  • Twice more meal voucher fits in one envelope 
  • We think green
  • We reduce paper consumption and help the environment
  • We are more convenient - we fit every wallet
  • We provide the same protection

New Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher valid from 1. 10. 2016

Ticket Restaurant poukázka vzor


Nominal value and validity of the meal vouchers

The standard nominal value of the meal vouchers is selectable between CZK 20 to CZK 120 (with CZK 1 increments). On the client’s request, it is possible to print and deliver meal vouchers with a nominal value exceeding CZK 120. Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers in the Standard Blocks with a nominal value of CZK 30 to CZK 100 (with CZK 5 increments) are available from our branches.

With a nominal meal voucher value of CZK 105 you achieve the maximum tax savings on the part of both the employer and the employees.

The validity of the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers is printed on the upper side of each voucher, in the top left-hand corner below the Ticket Restaurant® logo. Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers are valid for buying main courses and foodstuffs from 1 October of the current year to 31 December of the following year.

Calculate a specific example of the tax benefits of the Ticket Restaurant®meal vouchers.

Where can the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers be used?

In the largest network of affiliated outlets all over the Czech Republic. At this point, more than 32,000 restaurants and other catering facilities, and food shops, are registered in the Ticket Restaurant® network of affiliates.

Find a current list of outlets using  search engine or at www.ticketka.cz.

  • The affiliated outlets are labelled with a sticker bearing the Ticket Restaurant® logo.
  • The network includes restaurants, cafeterias, fast food outlets, and food shops all over the Czech Republic.
  • The network is set up so that vouchers can only be used for the purposes laid down by the law.
  • The affiliate network is continuously updated and the list of outlets is accurate.
  • Recommend us an outlet that you would like to see in our affiliate network.


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