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Ticket Benefits® – leisure vouchers for your employees

An effective way of contributing to your employees’ leisure activities and improve their motivation in the process

Ticket Benefits® vouchers can be used for the following activities:

  • Buying medication, healthcare aids, vitamins, spectacles and lenses
  • Sports activities, swimming pools, tennis courts
  • Relaxation activities, massages, spas
  • Training, courses and schools
  • Travel and stays in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Cultural events – concerts, theatre performances
  • Above-standard healthcare

Vouchers are free from health insurance and social security payments. Employees do not pay any deductions from their value (up to CZK 20,000 per year) or income tax and gain 45% higher value compared with wages.

Employers save 15% of costs in comparison with increasing wages.

Ticket Benefits can be used at more than 10,000 affiliated outlets all over the Czech Republic. Find out more about the possibilities for use in our search engine.

Choose from the Ticket Benefits® theme vouchers


Are you seeking MAXIMUM FREEDOM?

Ticket Multi® is a voucher that covers all areas. It offers unlimited choice from a wide range of activities. Ticket Multi® vouchers are accepted at sports, cultural, recreation, training, healthcare and preschool facilities where voucher holders can choose the exact service they prefer.


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Ticket Benefits® Card

Do you consider vouchers old fashioned? Take a look on a new payment benefit card.

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Are you seeking RELAXATION?

The Ticket Holiday® vouchers are accepted by travel agencies and tour operators that cater to the most discerning clients wishing to travel to both international and domestic destinations. The vouchers can also be used for last minute offers.




Are you seeking SPORTS AND CULTURE?

The Ticket Sport&Kultura® vouchers will cover your admission to cinemas, multiplex cinemas, theatres, and sports facilities such as fitness centres, tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, and other.




Are you seeking a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?

The Ticket Medica® vouchers enables payments at health facilities, pharmacies, rehabilitation centres, and both general practitioners and specialists (dentists, gynaecologists, etc.).





The Ticket Academica® vouchers will save your money in driving and language schools and for management, IT, finance and other training courses. You can use them at proven affiliates and outlets all over the Czech Republic.



Nominal value and validity of the vouchers

  • The nominal value is selectable between CZK 30 to CZK 1,000 (with CZK 1 increments). The Standard Block with a nominal value of CZK 100 is available from our branches.
  • The vouchers are valid for 21 months (from 1 April of the current year to 31 December of the following year).


Where can the Ticket Benefits® vouchers be used?

Find a current list of outlets using our search engine or at www.ticketka.cz.

  • The affiliated outlets are labelled with stickers bearing the logos of the respective vouchers.
  • The network is set up so that vouchers can only be used for the purposes laid down by the law.
  • The network includes the most sought-after affiliates and brands in the fields of active relaxation, travel, training, and healthy lifestyle.
  • The affiliate network is continuously updated.
  • Do you find that your favourite outlet is not part of our affiliate network? Recommend it to us and we will contact it.


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Do you want to know more about the product?

Do not hesitate to contact us through contact form or call +420 234 662 340.