New product on the market: Ticket Restaurant® Card – a prepaid payment card

A new product on the market, the Ticket Restaurant® Card is a prepaid payment card allowing employees to pay for their lunches simply and quickly. Edenred is introducing the chip-enabled contactless meal card on the MasterCard platform. The card has been launched on the market in Brno and will spread all over the Czech Republic.

Beginning this June, employees in the Czech Republic will be able to pay for their lunches using not only paper vouchers but also  meal card Ticket Restaurant® , prepaid payment cards. For more details follow


Edenred is introducing the solution in cooperation with MasterCard. Payments using the Ticket Restaurant® meal card are quick and simple and are made the same way as payments using any standard contactless chip-enabled payment card. The Ticket Restaurant® Card features all of the latest security elements and is now being tested in a pilot project. Employees in Brno are the first to use it for payments for their lunches, and the card will spread rapidly throughout the Czech Republic.


Ticket Restaurant Card


“The greatest benefits of the Ticket Restaurant Card compared with paper vouchers include simpler paperwork, time savings, simpler ordering and distribution of vouchers to employees, and also a simpler system of redeeming vouchers for affiliated outlets. Electronic payment cards are the current market trend, beneficiaries are used to them, and the Ticket Restaurant® Card made in cooperation with MasterCard meets all payment card security standards, which is not common with other solutions,” said Pavel Kusý, Marketing &Strategic Propositions Director, Edenred.


Ticket Restaurant® Cards are also advantageous for restaurant owners: they enable quick payments using standard terminals without the need to further train the staff, count the vouchers manually at the end of day, or spend additional time preparing meal vouchers for redemption. Card users spend an amount equal to the price of the lunch at the restaurant and, not least, they can choose from a wide range of affiliated outlets that accept bank cards.


The cooperation with MasterCard guarantees that the Ticket Restaurant® Card is a truly modern and secure payment tool, accepted by standard MasterCard POS terminals across the network of Edenred’s affiliates. In addition to standard bank terminals, payments with the cards can also be made using a special payment application that easily downloads into a smart phone or tablet.


Employees can use their cards for payments at restaurants and food store chains as well as small food retailers such as delicatessen outlets. “Our goal is to always provide innovative and simple solutions that also meet all security requirements, and the Ticket Restaurant® Card definitely meets these criteria,” Mr Kusý said.


The solution is also ready for the newly prepared electronic revenue tracking system and it cuts down on paperwork for restaurants, companies and users alike. Edenred’s solution is also ready for integration into modern cash register software solutions, which offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for catering operations, food stores, food stalls and mobile sales units. This is a handy solution for restaurants that are not equipped with electronic cash register systems yet and wish to be prepared for the electronic revenue recording system.  


Edenred has extensive experience with “lunch cards” in four European countries (France –, Belgium –, Slovakia – and Poland – Ticket Restaurant® Cards are also used by employees all across Latin America. “Edenred is the most prominent global market innovator in contemporary employee benefit solutions. It was also the first to launch electronic employee benefit payments in the Czech Republic. The Ticket Benefits® Card – the most frequent employee benefits card – has been in use in the Czech Republic since 2009. We are now bringing out the Ticket Restaurant® Card, a prepaid payment card that will eventually become a mass meal payment tool,” said Martin Bulíř, Managing Director, Edenred.


At this point, Edenred has encountered demand for cards primarily in larger cities. “We will still retain and develop the familiar paper vouchers, which are very popular,” Martin Bulíř added.