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Recommend us a firm that is not yet using a meal voucher system and get the Ticket Compliments® vouchers that will let you choose any gift you can imagine!

If you know a company that could cover employee catering using the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, send us its address and the name of its contact person.

If a company you have recommended becomes our new client and places its first order for Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers for its employees on-line for at least one month, we will reward you with a Ticket Compliments® Dárkový voucher under the following rules:

  • CZK 500 for a firm with 10 to 15 employees
  • CZK 1,000 for a firm with 16 to 30 employees
  • CZK 1,500 for a firm with 31 to 50 employees
  • CZK 2,000 for a firm with more than 51 employees

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