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We will bring customers to you

Over 25 we have been helping people with their businesses. We are Edenred.

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We else will we do for you?

We will help increase your profit

People see our products as a bonus. Therefore, they perceive them differently from real money. They spend them more easily and quicker. And, moreover, they typically pay more than the value of the individual products.

We will make you stand out

We present our partners on our website, in the establishment search engine and in the Edenred News bulletin, which we recommend to all our clients. Each of our partners may also choose to use advertising.

We have 3 branches for you

We are available in person at five locations in the Czech Republic – Prague, Brno and Zlín. Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us.

We will connect you with employers

Thanks to Edenred products we will effectively connect you with companies and their employees. We will bring you new customers and help you increase the satisfaction of the existing ones.

We will support you

Do you offer nutritionally balanced meals at your restaurant? We will add you to the FOOD program and make you more visible to customers who prefer to eat healthy.

How to redeem the vouchers?

You do not have to send payment vouchers by post. Look at where we have handout locations.

Widest partner network

Take a loot at who of your competition is already taking advantage of working with Edenred.

You could not find your favorite outlet? Recommend it to us.

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Give us your contact information. We will get in touch with a non-binding offer.

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