Electronic card for partners

Czech Republic

Edenred Profi Card

Electronic card for partners

Edenred Profi Card

Electronic card for partners

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Have your money at hand.

With the Edenred Profi Card, you can withdraw the benefit money from any ATM.


Edenred Profi Card is a handy way of paying for Edenred vouchers. The card can be used within the network of contracting partners or to withdraw from any ATM. We issue the card in cooperation with Mastercard.

Not only saved money.

There are many more benefits.

Variability in payment

With the card, you can pay at standard bank terminals or withdraw from ATMs throughout the Czech Republic

Premium services

We have for you the app TicketCard by Edenred, an online account as well as a 24/7 customer support line for free.

Significantly higher margin

From the money transferred to the card, we charge a maximum of 5.5% of the commission, which is significantly less compared to the cash payments.


Both during payments and reimbursements. If you lose the card, you can block it, and we will issue a new one, without you losing your money.

Convenience and clarity

All in one place, an overview of transactions and money under control. That is one of the abilities of the Edenred Profi Card.


Where can I pay using the card?

The card can be used to pay in wholesale and retail grocery stores, in hobby markets and at gas stations, marked with the Edenred Profi® Card sticker. You can also use the card to withdraw cash from any ATM in the Czech Republic.


Getting the card is so simple

Ordering the card

For your convenience, you can order the card online. But you may also stop by in person or call the customer service line.


The finished card will be ready for you at a selected Edenred office. To pick up the card, you will need your identity card and a business register statement.

Card activation

Online or via phone – no matter what you choose. Each of the methods only takes a few minutes.

Paying by card

Done! Your Edenred Profi Card is now ready for use.

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