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Czech Republic


Edenred is an international company that has been supporting diversity and fostering a multicultural environment consistently. A diverse and inspiring workplace is vital for our corporate culture. This is why we have on board several international specialists who enrich our company both professionally and personally.



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Slovak Republic



Slovak Republic



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“There are a thousand ways to kill time but none to revive it. Czech and Polish used to be one language in the 10th century, and then they slowly began to differentiate. Even so, it was no problem communicating some 400 years later.
So, with a view to improving our international communication, my motto is, ‘There are a thousand ways to kill time but none to revive it’. Accordingly, I use my time the best I can along with myself, my loved ones and nature.”

Dorota Kugler
Cafeteria Aplication support

“Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe and the birthplace of culinary treats such as halušky with bryndza (gnocchi with sheep cheese), žinčica (sour whey drink) and potato dumplings with poppy seeds or walnuts. Slovakia has beautiful mountains, lakes, caves and many other places worth visiting. Watch out, though – if you go to Orava or Liptov, make sure to pack a warm jacket for the trip, even if tropical heat reigns everywhere else :-) The two regions are always a few degrees colder.”

Monika Pisáková
Head of Legal and Compliance

“I don’t think that Slovakia needs any introduction. It is a geographic, political and cultural ‘neighbour’ that shares some common history with the Czech Republic. Throughout the rest of history, both countries interacted with varying intensity during various eras.
Those who do not know Slovakia can just go there and see it. Slovakia is not just the High Tatras, though. There are other mountain ranges where you can wander all day and not meet a single person except a shepherd and his sheep. There is a varied palette of natural environments in the heart of Europe, from a desert in Záhorí to forests to tall mountains.”

Peter Chrenka
Cafeteria Product manager

“Slovakia is a country of green landscapes, tall mountains and picturesque castles and mansions. It came into existence on 1 January 1993 after the split of Czechoslovakia. It is a country full of eye-catching features from the tapering peaks of the Tatras to fairytale-like green valleys to crystalline rivers and streams. The national dish is halušky with bryndza (gnocchi with strong sheep cheese). It is a country full of contrast and experiences and a popular destination for tourism and leisure.”

Peter Martinák
Telesales Consultant

“Bulgaria is a country full of beautiful nature. In a country where a nod means ‘no’, there are many attractive places, excellent cuisine, beautiful nature, warm sun and sea. The country is renowned for its rose oil and prides itself on being the country where yogurt was invented. Its unique and diverse culture will please and enrich everyone who visits Bulgaria.”

Yana Pancheva
PA, Content & CSR manager

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