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What do I need to pay with my mobile phone?

A mobile phone with Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher with NFC support, an activated Edenred card, the Google Pay app, and Internet connection to insert the card into your phone. Internet connection is not necessary for the payment itself.

Are mobile payments safe?

It may surprise you, but it's safer than contactless payments with a credit card. The number of your actual plastic card is not listed anywhere. If you lose your phone or it is stolen, you can simply block it remotely or delete the data. This does not affect the function of your plastic Edenred card, which remains functional so you do not have to request a new card.

Where can I pay with my mobile?

Everywhere where you can pay with the Edenred card - in the TicketCard by Edenred mobile application, you'll find a simple search engine of places for your card.

What if I lose my mobile phone?

In upleasant cases like this, you need to block mobile payments as quickly as possible - you can do this with FIND MY DEVICE, which lets you remotely erase data or block your phone. If you remove your mobile card from your phone for this reason or any other reason, your plastic card will remain functional. If you block your plastic card, your mobile card will also be blocked.

How do I pay with my phone?

Do you know how to tap your phone on a payment terminal? Then you know how to pay with a Google Pay mobile card. The device must be active (no black screen); from time to time, your phone will ask you to unlock the screen. And the best part - you don't pay any extra! Google Pay is completely free of charge.

And what about a PIN code?

You don't need one - for payments over 500 CZK, you confirm the payment by unlocking of your phone.

I have mobile payment with my bank - what should I do?

If your bank uses Google Pay you'll know it, because when you download Google Pay to your device you'll see your credit card. Google Pay always uses the card that is first (on top) for payments. To change the order, simply drag the card to the desired position. If the bank uses a different technology, you need to choose the application in your phone settings to specify which one will be used for the payment.

How do I know that the store I recommended was added to your partner network?

You can find all the contractual establishments in our search engine at, or in the mobile app TicketCard by Edenred.

Is there a way to exchange expired vouchers?

Unfortunately, expired vouchers cannot be exchanged. You can donate them to charity till the end of February. All the vouchers you send to our headquarters address will be counted and the funds collected will be sent to the "Pomozte dětem" (Help for children) account. Over the 15 years we have supported this charity event, we have collected 5,364,304 CZK.

What law deals with meal voucher legislation?

The use of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and cards is governed by the Labor Code and the Income Tax Act. Act no. 262/2006 Coll., the Labor Code, stipulates that the employer is obliged to enable employees to have a meal during all shifts.

I can only buy certain types of goods in online pharmacies. Why?

Buying with benefits in online pharmacies is governed by the Income Tax Act, which stipulates what goods you can buy here. You can purchase goods related to health, medication, hygiene and similar goods and medical devices with a medical prescription.

I would like you to cooperate with a new establishment (restaurant, sports center, etc.). How should I proceed?

Write a request using the form on our website. We will contact the potential partner within 2 days requesting a meeting. The average time for negotiating with a new partner is 20 business days, with a success rate of around 93%.

How do I know where they accept the voucher I received from my employer?

Partner establishments are marked with the Edenred logo and the name of the specific product (e.g. Edenred Benefits or Edenred Clean).

Can I increase the balance on my Edenred card by sending funds from my private bank account?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only Edenred can charge your card.

How safe is it to use the card?

The card meets the requirements for complete security of transactions. Standard Mastercard® payment terminals are used for payments. If you lose your card, block it. We will issue a new card and you won't lose your money.

What is the optimal meal voucher value?

With a nominal value of 137 CZK you will get maximum tax savings on the part of the employer and the employee.

Can I increase the daily limit on a Ticket Restaurant® card?

There is no daily or transaction limit on the Ticket Restaurant® Card. You can pay with your card up to the amount of the balance on your account with no limits. For payments over CZK 500, you will be asked to enter a PIN.

I want to change my contact information in the contract. How should I proceed?

If you have already signed up on our website in the "Sign in" section, you can make the change in the "Customer profile" section. In other cases, please send the information via email to our Client Center. Please send your client code (or company ID no.) in the email, and specify the product for which you want to make the change.

I have lost my iPhone/My iPhone have been stolen

Go to to use the “Find my iPhone” feature that allows you to delete all your card registered on Apple Pay. From then, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook Pro will not be able to be used as a payment instrument.

Who should I contact in case of issue?

  • Device: for any issue related to your Apple device, the Wallet or iCloud, please contact Apple.
  • Card: for any issue related to the registration of your Edenred Benefits Card and Ticket Restaurant or the Apple Pay transactions, please contact our customer care Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5.00pm at +420 840 111 317 for Ticket Restaurant Card and +420 840 111 320 for Edenred Benefits Card.

What makes the Edenred Card more advantageous than the original Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits cards?

  • Edenred Card is the most modern type of employee benefits, which allows you to use up to 2 wallets within one card - meal voucher and / or leisure wallet.
  • If you are currently using only one of these benefits (meal vouchers or leisure benefits), with the Edenred Card you can reward employees with a new benefit at any time without additional costs for additional cards. All you have to do is recharge your second wallet.
  • If you are already contributing to employees for meals and leisure activities, thanks to the combination of benefits into one card, you will save the costs of issuing new and issuing expired cards. Instead of 2 Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits fees, you only pay 1 of the Edenred Card. In addition, employees will appreciate the simplicity and greater comfort of payment.

Do we have to modify or sign a new contract when switching to the Edenred Card?

There is no need to sign a new contract when changing from Ticket Restaurant Card and / or Edenred Benefits Card. The original contracts, price list and conditions that we have concluded with each other for Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits cards are still valid for ordering a new Edenred Card and recharging the relevant wallet.

Do we have to modify the contract if we decide to use a second wallet and provide employees with a new benefit?

Even in this case, there is no need to modify or sign a new contract for a new product. The decision to reward an employee with a new benefit is entirely up to you and you do not have to inform us about it in any way. The second wallet will be subject to the same conditions as the one you already use. All you have to do is recharge it.

When will I be able to start ordering the Edenred Card for my employees?

The transfer takes place gradually, we will inform you about everything in time by email.

Can I start ordering the Edenred Card before informing me of the transfer?

Yes, if you are interested in the Edenred Card, contact your Edenred sales representative or write to us via the contact form.

Is it possible that for some time some employees will still have the "old" Ticket Restaurant Card / Edenred Benefits Card and others will already have the Edenred Card? Nevermind?

Yes, it doesn't matter. In case you do not want to exchange the cards once for all employees, some will have a Ticket Restaurant / Edenred Benefits, new employees or those who have lost the card will already have an Edenred Card. The cards will be replaced gradually according to their expiration and until then they will be fully functional.

Can I exchange all cards for my employees at once?

Yes, it is of course possible to exchange all cards from the original Ticket Restaurant for Edenred Benefits. If you are interested in a complete replacement, please contact your Edenred sales representative or write to us via the contact form.

Does the transition to Edenred Card change the way you order and recharge?

No, you can order and recharge cards as you are used to. If you order via the Edenred online portal, after logging in to your account, you will find "only" the Edenred Card in the card menu after switching.

How should I proceed when ordering / recharging catering cards?

In the order, select "Ticket Restaurant® on the Edenred Card" - this option is also used to recharge existing Ticket Restaurant cards.

How should I proceed when ordering / recharging leisure benefits cards?

In the order, select "Edenred Benefits on the Edenred Card" - this option is also used to recharge existing Edenred Benefits cards.

How will it be with invoicing?

Until all employees have a new Edenred Card, we will always send you 2 invoices after ordering and recharging - one for the Ticket Restaurant / Edenred Benefits cards and the other for the Edenred Card.

Can I stay with existing cards?

Existing cards are fully functional until they expire and do not need to be changed immediately. However, when they expire, they will be replaced by new Edenred Cards. We will no longer issue separate Ticket Restaurant and Edenred Benefits cards.

How to proceed when exchanging expired cards?

Our customer center will contact you in advance and ask you to check for cards that are nearing expiration. After selecting and confirming the cards for exchange, we will have a new Edenred Card produced for the selected employees. Upon activation, employees will then simply transfer funds from the old Ticket Restaurant / Edenred Benefits card to the new Edenred Card in their Edenred account.

Didn't find the answer to your question?

Do not hesitate to contact your Edenred sales representative or write to us via the contact form.

What will your employees appreciate about the Edenred Card?

The Edenred Card is a state-of-the-art benefit card that employees can use to pay for both food and leisure benefits. Instead of 2 separate cards, one with 2 wallets (Ticket Restaurant for meals and Edenred Benefits for free time) is enough. In addition, they can upload the card to Google Pay or Apple Pay, pay by mobile phone and do not have to carry it with them at all.

When paying, is it necessary to decide from which wallet the funds are to be deducted?

No, paying the Edenred Card is extremely comfortable. You don't have to tell anyone or pick up at the payment terminal. When paying, the Edenred Card knows what the employee is paying for and deducts money from the correct wallet.

How to proceed when activating the Edenred Card?

Each newly issued card (whether it is for a new employee who did not have one in the past or a replaced / replacement card for an existing employee) must be activated after registration / login to the online account on the Edenred portal. Activation instructions are part of the welcome letter that the employee receives with the new card.

What do I need to do to transfer balances from the original Ticket Restaurant or Edenred Benefits cards to the new Edenred Card?

During activation via an online account, it is possible to easily transfer balances from the original cards. At that moment, we will block the cards and transfer the balances to the new Edenred Card within 5 working days.

Where can employees find more information about the Edenred Card?

After logging in to their online account, Edenred Card users have a set of useful manuals to help them get started with the card (and related services). You will find these materials in the "Documents to download" section.

How do I reveal PIN on iOS devices in the extranet?

If you need to display PIN on on iOS devices, it is necessary to turn off the "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" option in the Safari browser settings (Settings -> Safari -> Prevent Cross-Site Tracking).

PIN reveal iOS EN

How and when do I receive my card?

BENZINA Tankarta by Edenred will arrive within 10 working days after ordering by post to the contact address you have filled in. You will receive two separate letters, each on a different day. One will contain your card and the other an envelope with its PIN. You will be informed about the progress by e-mail.