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Ticket Compliments® Dárkový

Ticket Compliments® Dárkový is the gift voucher for everyone. It motivates, increases loyalty, and delights. The perfect gift for trade partners, clients and employees alike. Also suitable for loyalty programmes and competitions.

What is Ticket Compliments® Dárkový?

  • A multi-brand gift voucher
  • An ideal gift for various target groups
  • A suitable solution for marketing promotions – loyalty programmes, consumer competitions, and client recommendations
  • Easy use in a broad network of our brand-name trade partners


Advantages for the donors

  • The voucher is a handy gift – the recipient can choose whatever makes them happy
  • No need for difficult devising, delivery and storage of gift items
  • Gift vouchers can be personalised and delivered in a gift envelope
  • Vouchers can be ordered in any nominal value
  • When donated to trade partners, vouchers attract tax relief


Advantages for the recipients

  • They can choose any gift they like
  • They can use the vouchers in an extensive network of affiliated outlets in the Czech Republic (book, music, and video shops, garment and shoe shops, sports equipment shops, home decoration and DIY shops, ticket sales, travel agencies and tour operators, sports facilities etc.)


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Nominal value and validity of the voucher

  • The nominal value is selectable between CZK 30 to CZK 1,000 (with CZK 1 increments). The Standard Block with a nominal value of CZK 100 is available from our branches.
  • The vouchers are valid for 21 months (from 1 April of the current year to 31 December of the following year).


Where can the Ticket Compliments® Dárkový vouchers be used?

  • Find a current list of outlets using our search engine or at www.ticketka.cz.
  • The affiliated outlets are labelled with a sticker bearing the Ticket Compliments® logo.
  • The network is set up so that vouchers can only be used for the purposes laid down by the law.
  • The affiliate network is continuously updated and the list of outlets is accurate.
  • Recommend us an outlet that you would like to see in our affiliate network.



Do you want to know more about the product?

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