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Temporary raise to 2000 CZK of daily limit for Ticket Restaurant Card and Edenred Card

The state of emergency has significantly impacted everyday lives of our users. In reaction, Edenred has decided to temporarily raise the payment daily limits for Ticket Restaurant Card and Edenred Card (Ticket Restaurant wallet) from 500 to 2000 CZK, with the latter being both a maximum per transaction as well as total daily limit. We are thus responding to the needs of our users working from home who would like to reduce the number of their daily purchases. These new daily limits for these products will be adjusted downward when current restrictions are lifted and restaurants reopened.

Payments exceeding 500 CZK will have to be authorized by entering a PIN code, which users can verify at Extranet. If you would like to avoid entering a PIN code for purchases exceeding 500 CZK, we recommend you add your card to your wallet on mobile phone (via Google Pay or Apple Pay).

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